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Section 7: Captain's Responsibilities

Article 1: Captain’s Responsibilities

Each team must select a captain to be responsible for the team. Responsibilities of the team captain include: relaying league information to teammates (schedules, rules, updates, etc.) knowing the status of all teammates to ensure they are eligible, assisting the intramural staff with implementation of the sportsmanship policy, and serving as a team representative.

Article 2: Captain’s Meetings

Captain’s Meetings are intended to provide teams with a familiarity of rules, rule changes, Southern Miss Intramural Sports policies and procedures and team schedules or brackets for the event in question. Captains' meetings are online and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Article 3: Playoffs Draw Meetings

For all sports with playoff draws, each team's captain or co-captain will have the opportunity to select his/her team's position in the playoff bracket through During the online playoff draw, there will be a set time period in which teams are allowed to choose their playoff spot. After the playoff draw has closed, the remainder of the bracket will be filled in according to team seeding.

Article 4: Spectators and Equipment

Team captains are responsible for their spectators, coaches, sidelines and equipment.  Spectators are held to the same Intramural Sports policies as participants and coaches. 

Article 5: Adding Players to Your Team Roster

Each captain is encouraged to login to and add players to their roster by 2:00 p.m. the day of their game. Players can also be added to their team roster at the game site by presenting their active Southern Miss ID Card to the intramural sports staff. 

Article 6: Team Name

The Intramural Sports program has the right to change any team name that is deemed inappropriate or offensive to participants (includes names involving profanity or of a sexually explicit nature).  If you are unsure if a team name is inappropriate, please call the Intramural Sports office.


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