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Section 9: Code of Conduct

Article 1: Protest of Rule Interpretations

Protests involving rule interpretations will be considered immediately following the incident in question. Play will be suspended until an Intramural Sports supervisor rules on the protest. If a team continues to play without calling the supervisor to the game site, then that team forfeits its right to a protest.  Protests will not be honored after play has resumed. Judgment calls cannot be protested. If the protest is not approved, the protesting team is charged with a time out.  If the protest is upheld, the delay shall count as an official’s time out. 

Article 2: Prohibited Conduct

No player, coach or spectator shall do the following:

1. Use abusive language, threaten or abuse any other player or Intramural Sports employee before, during or after any Intramural Sports contest

2. Participate in a game for which he or she is ineligible

3. Argue with the game official. Only the captain may address the game official concerning the interpretation of a rule

4. Intentionally strike, shove or commit any other unsportsmanlike conduct toward another player or employee of Intramural Sports

5. Mistreat the facility, equipment or supplies of Campus Recreation

Article 3: Fighting

Under no circumstances will fighting be tolerated. Participants involved in any fighting shall be immediately removed from the facility and suspended from participation in Intramural Sports for one full year.

Article 4: Mandatory Penalties

The following mandatory penalties shall occur whenever an individual is ejected:

·       Any individual who is ejected from a contest must leave the facility immediately upon notification by the Intramural Sports supervisor. 

·         Ejected players must provide a written statement of the events surrounding the ejection prior to meeting with the Intramural Sports coordinator. Only after the statement is supplied and the meeting held will the Intramural Sports coordinator decide on suspension and reinstatement. 

·         Ejected participants are suspended from participation in all Campus Recreation activities and entry into all Campus Recreation facilities.                                                                                              

·         Individuals or teams that display inappropriate conduct in any extramural tournament, or any event that utilizes Campus Recreation staff, facilities or equipment, may be placed on probation or suspended from Campus Recreation.

 Article 5: Disciplinary Cases

Cases involving individuals or teams violating the rules and regulations of the Intramural Sports Program will be heard by the Intramural Sports Coordinator. The individuals or teams involved will be suspended from Intramural Sports Competition pending a decision.

Article 6: Procedure of Disciplinary Appeals

1. To appeal, all individuals or teams must submit a letter of appeal  
    within 24 hours after the decision to the Intramural Sports coordinator.

2. The coordinator will then notify all parties involved within 24 hours after the submission. At this time, the parties will be notified of the charges and brought into the Campus Recreation office.

3. At the completion of the meeting, the parties will be notified of the coordinator’s decision. Within 24 hours after the decision will be communicated to all parties.

4. Within 24 hours after the decision is made, a written appeal may be made to the director of Recreational Sports. 

The Campus Recreation director will rule on further penalties to be prescribed as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct: profanity; unnecessary delay of game; striking or shoving an opponent; threatening, shoving or striking an official; arguing with officials; derogatory or abusive remarks toward an opponent or officials; and any action with the intent to physically injure an opponent or official. The captain may be held responsible for the actions of any individual member of the team and for spectators directly related to his or her team. The conduct of the player and spectators before and after games is as important as the conduct during the game.

Article 7: Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse of Intramural Sports employees or participants will not be tolerated. The University of Southern Mississippi specifically prohibits the use of abusive language that insults, taunts or challenges another person. This includes swearing, obscenities, epithets directed at an individual’s race, color, ethnic identity, religion, sex or that which is personally abusive, degrading or insulting. 

Article 8: Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are not permitted on or in the vicinity of intramural contests or facilities on university property. Participants who are considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to participate in the intramural contests and may be removed from the facility.



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