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Southern Miss Rugby


The main goal of Southern Miss Rugby is to help every player mature in the sport and within themselves. We preach strength through unity, as we must depend upon each other to get things done. We push every player so that they can be better than they were the day before. When we work together effectively, it creates pride in the team, which develops into unity and brotherhood. Players will also find an uncommon bond with fellow rugby player all over the country --- it's a bond that only ruggers experience. If anyone wants to experience pride, true brotherhood and greatness unlike any other, they're welcome to step on the pitch and experience it. Rugby is for everyone: come as you are.

Practice Times:

Tues/Thurs 6:30-8:30pm in the Rock


Club President- Ryan Dufrene (ryan.dufreneFREEeagles.Mississippi)

Vice President- Max Alberts (max.albertsFREEeagles.Mississippi)

Recruitment Officer- Kenneth Birdsong (kenneth.birdsongFREEeagles.Mississippi)

Coach- Levi Moore (levi.mooreFREEeagles.Mississippi)

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Campus Recreation
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