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Intramural Sports Program



All Intramural participants are responsible for their own medical expenses. Any participant unsure of his/her physical condition should check with their physician or the University Clinic before participating in an Intramural Sports contest.

Teams are responsible for keeping their spectators under control. Misconduct of participants, coaches or spectators can result in an unsportsmanlike penalty, ejection or forfeiture of the game. Team Captains will be held responsible for spectator, team and sideline misconduct.  Two ejections from any contest will result in an automatic forfeiture.

Intramural Officials are in absolute control of the game.  Officials and Supervisors shall have the power to make decisions on all matters and questions not specifically covered in the rules.


Eligibility and Roster Information

A current Southern Miss I.D. must be presented to the supervisor at game time.       


Teams must have a minimum of 5 players to start a game.  7 players shall play in the field.

  • Co-Rec Clarification: a full team shall be 4 men and 4 women, and must field a minimum of 6 (3 men and 3 women, 4 men and 2 women, 2 men and 4 women).  Teams of 7 players must be either 4 men and 3 women or 3 men and 4 women.
  • No more than three USM club players may play on one team; this includes Co-Rec teams as well as men’s and women’s teams.

Forfeit Policy

If a team fails to appear with the required minimum number of players, ready to play, at the scheduled location at the scheduled start of the game, a member of the Intramural Sports Staff will declare the contest a forfeit.  Teams that forfeit will receive an ‘C’ for sportsmanship and will be required to pay $15 to the Recreational Sports Office prior to the registration of any other intramural sports teams. 

Teams are only allowed one forfeit per sport per season.  If a team forfeits twice, it will be removed from the league for the remainder of the season.

Default Policy

If a team knows that they will be unable to play a scheduled game, the Team Captain must contact the Intramural Sports Office by 12:00 PM the day of the contest to declare a default.  The defaulting team will receive a loss and a ‘B’ for sportsmanship.  There is no re-entry fee for a default.

National Federation (High School) Rules will govern play for any rules not mentioned in the following Intramural rules:


  • Participants cannot wear any jewelry during the game.  The only exception is properly-secured medical alert jewelry. 
  • Every Participant must wear proper athletic attire, including athletic footwear—no open-toed shoes may be worn.  No metal cleats may be worn.
  • Shin guards are strongly recommend but are not required to play.
  • If teams do not have their own jerseys, numbered pennies may be checked out from an Intramural Supervisor.
  • The goalkeeper must wear a jersey of a different color from either team.


Length of Game and Timing

  • Games shall be two halves of 20 minutes each, the clock running continuously.  Halftime will be 3 minutes.
  • During the regular season, a game may end in a tie. 
    • During playoffs, if the game ends in a tie, there will be a shoot out to determine the winner. Each team will have five shooters alternating shots. There will be a coin toss to determine which team shoots first.  The team with the most penalty shots scored will be the winner.  If the score is still tied at the end of this shootout, there will be a sudden death shootout round with five players from each team, and all of the shooters from the first round are eligible to shoot again.  Another coin toss will determine which team will shoot first in sudden death overtime.
    • During Championship Games: Games ending in a tie will proceed to a five-minute overtime period. The team that is ahead at the end of the period shall be the winner.  If the game remains tied after this period, then a shootout will occur.  
    • Co-Rec Clarification: teams must alternate men and women in the shootout order, but may field 3 men and 2 women or 2 men and 3 women.  During a shootout all goals are worth 1 point regardless of gender.

Game Play

  • Scoring – A goal will be scored when the entire ball crosses the entire goal line between the goal post below the crossbar.
  • Free Kicks
  • For direct (a goal may be scored directly) or indirect (a goal may not be scored directly) free kicks, players of the opposing team must be at least 7 yards from the ball when the kick is taken.
  • Direct free kicks shall be awarded in the following situations:
    • Offenses committed with the hands or arms (deliberately handling the ball, holding, using the hands or arms on an opponent in order to reach the ball, pushing, and striking);
    • Offenses committed with the feet and legs (kicking, tripping, use of the knee, and   jumping at an opponent);
    • Offenses committed with the body (charging from behind, charging violently, and charging an opponent who has both feet on the ground); and
    • Offenses involving the goalkeeper (touching, or charging the goalkeeper).
    • Indirect free kicks are awarded in the following situations:
      • Offenses involving persons on the sidelines (substitutions);
      • Offenses concerned with a player kicking the ball a second time before the ball has been played by another player (kickoff, throw-in, free-kick, corner kick, and penalty area);
      • Offenses involving the goalkeeper; and
      • Offenses concerned with unsportsmanlike conduct (arguing with the referee, dangerous play, foul language, taunting, etc.).
      • Penalty kicks shall be awarded when a player commits a deliberate foul in her or her own penalty area, and the kick shall be taken from the penalty mark.
      • The goalkeeper must remain on the goal line; he/she may move laterally, but must not move off of the goal line until the penalty kicker has contacted the ball.
      • Only the player taking the penalty shot and the goalie may kick the ball when stationary and all other players must remain outside of the penalty area.
      • Once the penalty kicker has moved the ball toward the goal, any player may play the ball.  The penalty kicker may not contact the ball again until another player has made contact with the ball.
      • Goalkeepers may not throw or kick the ball over mid-field.  The ball must bounce prior to mid-field. 
  • Penalty Kicks
  • Goalkeeper Restrictions

Penalty: Opposing team will be awarded an indirect kick from midfield.

  • On any occasion when a player deliberately kicks the ball to his/her own goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is not permitted to touch it with his/her hands. 
  • Throw-Ins are awarded when the ball passed completely over the touch line either on the ground or in the air.  The ball is thrown in from the spot where it crossed the touch line, and any player on the team with possession may throw in the ball.
  • Goal Kicks are awarded when the ball is last touched by an offensive player and passes over the goal line without resulting in a goal.  The kick may be made from anywhere within the goalkeeper box and must not cross mid-field before bouncing. 

A goal kick will be awarded if opposing team attempts to take the ball from the    goalkeeper. 

  • Offside: There shall be no enforcement of the offside rule.
  • Slide Tackling: Any player using a slide tackle, in the referee’s judgment, shall receive a yellow card.  A slide tackle is defined as “a maneuver in which one or both feet slide on the ground in an attempt to tackle the ball which is in possession of an opponent.”
  • Substitutions
  • All substitutions must take place at the mid-field area.  The exiting player must be off the field prior to the substitute entering the field.  Both teams may substitute an unlimited number of players on goal kicks, after a goal is scored, at halftime, when a player is cautioned (yellow card), when a player is disqualified (red card), and during an injury.  Only the team possessing the ball may substitute on a throw-in or corner kick.
  • Co-Rec Clarification: Substitutions must replace the player with another player of the same gender.
  • A player that is issued a red card at any point during the game will be automatically ejected and must meet with the Recreational Sports Coordinator within 24 hours of ejection for reinstatement to the Intramural Program.
  • Two yellow cards in one game are equivalent to a red card and the player will be ejected from the game.
  • Two red cards or four yellow cards (or any equal combination of the two) given to a team in the course of one game will result in forfeiture of the game.
  • Scoring: Co-Rec Clarification: Goals scored by men shall be 1 point and goals scored by women shall be 2 points.  The last offensive player to touch the ball before a goal shall be credited for the score. (The only exception is in a shootout and all goals are worth 1 point regardless of gender.)
  • Discipline: When A Player Receives a Card


















Recreational Sports Website:

Intramural Sports Office: 601.266.5409

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