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Campus Recreation

Spring 2014

Pre-Season Men's Basketball Champs - The Truth










Basketball Fraternity Champs - Pike










Basketball Men's B Champs - Corndogs











Basketball Women's Champs - Bucketheads










Basketball Fraternity B Champs - Pi Kapp










Wallyball Fraternity Champs - Sig Ep











Wallyball Co-Rec Champs - Lambchops











Wallyball Women's / Sorority Champs - Chi Omega










N-64 Mario Kart Men's / Fraternity Champ - Pike














N-64 Mario Kart Women's / Sorority Champ - Phi Mu















Soccer Co-Rec Champs - Sig Ep and Sorority












Soccer Fraternity Champs - Pike










Soccer Men's Champs - Niupi











Soccer Women's / Sorority Champs - Chi Omega













4-on-4 Dodgeball Men's / Fraternity Champs - Sig Ep















4-on-4 Dodgeball Women's / Sorority Champs - Phi Mu















Swimming and Diving Champs - PSC Odian's 11














Co-Rec Greek Bowling Champs - ATO











Co-Rec Bowling Indipendent Champs - Lil Rascals











Men's Softball Champs - Team Legendary












Fraternity Softball Champs - Sigma Chi












Co-Rec Softball Champs - Chophouse












Women's / Sorority Softball Champs - Chi Omega



































































































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