Student Policies

The following policies are subject to change. 



As a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Career Services observes the following principles for professional conduct. Student and alumni obligations include: providing accurate information; adhering to interview schedules; accepting an offer of employment in good faith; notifying employers on a timely basis of acceptance or withdrawal from the recruitment process after an offer of employment; and interviewing only with employers for whom candidates are interested in working with and whose eligibility requirements they meet.



If you do not show up for an on-campus interview, you will be classified as a no-show . Failure to keep interview appointments deprives other individuals of interviews, wastes the recruiter's time, and creates an unfavorable image of Southern Miss students and alumni.

If you are unable to attend an interview, you are required to CALL our office at least two working days prior to the interview. This allows time to fill the available slot with someone from the waiting list. If selected for an interview, failure to schedule the interview or decline the offer within 48 hours (2 business days) could result in your Eagle Employment account being inactivated for 1 semester.

If you miss an on-campus interview for any reason, access to your Jobs For Eagles account will immediately be restricted and you will have 10 working days from the date Career Services contacts you to write a letter of apology to the employer.  You must bring the letter, along with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope to the Career Services reception desk in McLemore Hall, Room 125. If you fail to submit the letter as directed, your Jobs For Eagles file will be inactivated and any upcoming interviews will be canceled until you meet with either the director or assistant director of Career Services.  You must bring the letter of apology to that appointment.  Two no-shows on your record will terminate your on-campus interviewing privileges for one year.


Non-discrimination policy The University of Southern Mississippi offers students equal access to all educational and programmatic activities that the university sponsors.  Students and employees participating in any University-sponsored program – including exchange programs, study abroad, cooperative learning experiences, field placement internships or student teaching – retain all rights and privileges in these off-campus experiences. Similarly, they also are responsible for all university codes of conduct, including consensual relationships, alcohol use, etc.

Employees and students who believe they are being treated differently in these settings because of age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, gender identity, genetic information, religion, race, color, national origin, and/or veteran status may contact the office of Affirmative Action/EEO.