USM Fall 2017 Service-Learning Classes



Community Partner

ACT 400 sect. 01 – Architectural Studio III

Jessica Hardy

Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Assn.  

CD 350 sect. 01 Child Development


CMS 450 sect. 01  (Seminar in Speech Communication) & CMS 493 sect. 01 (Supplemental Capstone Activities)

Laura Stengrim


DPH 321 sect. 01 Community Health

Vickie Reed

Woodley Elementary

ENG 313 sect. 01 Survey of Multiethnic Literature

Linda Allen


Little Free Libraries

ESC 302 sect. 01 Environmental Improvement Project

Ken Rhinehart

Arbor Day USA

FAM 475 sect. 01 Contemporary Issues Qual Life

Melinda Bowens


Earl Travillion Attendance Center

HIS 310 sect. 01 Survey of Latin America History

Matthew Casey


IDS 110 sect. 01 Citizenship Seminar

Emily Holmes

Mark Miller

Hawkins Elementary

IDS 110 sect. 02 Citizenship Seminar

Wynde Fitts

Jason Quigley

Salvation Army

IDS 110 sect. 03 Citizenship Seminar

Shea Houze

Lauren Richards


IDS 110 sect. 04 Citizenship Seminar

Torie Fowler
Baylee Long

Edwards Street Fellowship Center

LIS 445/545 sect. 01 Sources of Information for a Multicultural Society

Catherine Bomhold



MCJ 428 sect. 01 Public Relations Campaigns

Loren Coleman

 Aldersgate Mission

MER 437 sect. 01 Apparel Product Development

Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong


MKT 355 sect. 01 IMC/Social Media Marketing

Holly Syrdal


MKT 428 sect. 01 Marketing Management

Holly Syrdal


NSG 371 sect. 01  

Chin-Nu Lin

Fieldhouse for the Homeless

NSG 371L sect. 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06) Lab

Chin-Nu Lin

Fieldhouse for the Homeless

PS 306 sect. 01 Race and Ethnic Politics

Robert Press

Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center

PS 459/559 sect. 01 Human Rights

Robert Press






SPA 406/506 sect. 01 Advanced Composition and Grammar

Laura Guglani

Iglesia Vida, Hardy St. Baptist Church Hispanic congregation

SWK 301 sect. 01 Introduction to Social Work

Delories Williams


SWK 301 sect. 02 Introduction to Social Work

Delories Williams


SWK 301 sect. G01 Introduction to Social Work (Gulf Park Campus)

Karen Aderer