Vision & Values

The MIHDP project ran from 2012-2018. During that time, our staff held themselves to the following standards:


We respect the dignity, worth, and rights of others.


We believe that working as a team in collaboration with others is more powerful than working alone.


We actively pursue evaluation of clinical and administrative services to ensure our consumers receive a high quality of care.


We reach out to other agencies and community partners interested in developing integrated behavioral health services to assist them with developing successful programming.


We are committed to the highest standards of behavior and doing the right thing for those we serve.


We provide scientific explanations to those we serve to support their ability to make informed choices. In addition, we support the advancement of the field by participating in public and professional presentations, seminars, and symposia to educate the general public, social workers, and medical professionals about the potential of integrated behavioral health.


We encourage all staff to be creative problem solvers and explore new ideas to achieve our mission.


We take responsibility for achieving our goals and responding to challenges as they arise.