Chemistry Department Faculty

Full Time Faculty

Bates, Philip D. (Assistant Professor, Biochemistry)

Booth, Deborah (Instructor and Director of Licensure Program, Chemical Education)

Broome, Johnathan Hugh (Assistant Teaching Professor)

Cannon, Gordon (Professor, Biochemistry)

Donahue, Matthew (Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry)

Guo, Song (Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry)

Hayhurst, David (Professor, Chemical Engineering)

Heinhorst, Sabine (Professor, Biochemistry)

Huang, Faqing (Professor, Biochemistry)

Kessl, Jacques J. (Assistant Professor, Biochemistry)

Masterson, Douglas (Professor, Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry)

Miao, Wujian (Associate Professor, Electrochemistry and Bioanalytical Chemistry)

Pigza, Julie (Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry)

Rangachari, Vijay (Interim Chair, Associate Professor, Biophysical Chemistry)

Wallace, Karl (Associate Professor, Inorganic and Supramolecular Chemistry)


Joint Faculty

McCormick, Charles (Professor, Polymer Science)

Adjunct, Research, and Emeritus Faculty

Bateman, Robert (Professor Emeritus)

Bedenbaugh, Angela (Research Associate Professor)

Creed, David (Professor Emeritus)

Evans, Jeffrey (Associate Professor Emeritus)

Wertz, David (Professor Emeritus)