Chemistry on the Gulf Coast

photograph of friendship oak tree on gulf coast campusThe Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is located on the Hattiesburg campus, but does maintain a teaching presence at the USM Gulf Coast campus. Chemistry courses offered are required for the biological sciences degrees as well as other science degrees offered on the coast. In addition to general chemistry I and II (CHE 106 and 107) and organic chemistry I and II (CHE 255 and 256), the department also offers principles of biochemistry (CHE 420) as a chemistry elective.

For nonscience majors the department offers CHE 104, chemistry and our environment. This general education course addresses the chemistry of current environmental issues such as energy, water and air quality, acid rain, ozone and greenhouse gases, as well as nutrition and medicine.

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We note that the B.S. in chemistry is only offered on the Hattiesburg campus.