Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Syllabus Supplement

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Syllabus Supplement
Quotations are taken directly from the Undergraduate Bulletin

Students are required to maintain a professional attitude during the class. Disrespect of the instructor and/or of other students will not be tolerated. Not permitted in the classroom during class time will be distractions such as eating, cell phone use, or laptop computer use.

Academic Honesty
“When cheating is discovered, the faculty member may give the student an F on the work involved or in the course. If further disciplinary action is deemed appropriate, the student should be reported to the Dean of Students. In addition to being a violation of academic honesty, cheating violates the Code of Student Conduct and may be grounds for probation, suspension, and/or expulsion. Students on disciplinary suspension may not enroll in any courses offered by The University of Southern Mississippi.” Plagiarism is included in this policy.

Dropping Courses
“A student is permitted to drop a course without academic penalty up to and including approved dates published in the Class Schedule Guide. After the deadline, a student may drop a course only in the event of extenuating circumstances and with permission of the instructor, department chair, and dean of the college offering the course, at which time the student will receive a grade of WP or WF.”

Extenuating circumstances are normally defined as circumstances which are unexpected, significantly disruptive and beyond a student’s control. Examples of this might include an extended illness, experience of assault, robbery or other traumatic event, eviction/homelessness, unavoidable involvement in extended legal proceedings, and call up to full time military duty during the semester. Other disruptive circumstances will be considered if they are judged to have an extended impact on the student's ability to attend and prepare for the class and are beyond the student's control. In each case, documentation of the circumstances is required.

Extenuating circumstances do NOT include academic reasons such as poor performance in class, missed too many classes without valid excuses, lost textbook or notes, class is no longer needed, cannot understand the material or the teacher, had a period of brief illness, missed classes due to athletic or other school responsibilities, too busy with other classes, did not know the class would take this much time, thought they could handle the class and work at the same time, and change of major.

Pregnancy Statement for Teaching Laboratories
The safety of all experiments is carefully considered, but all effects of all reagents used are not currently known. Therefore, if you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant during this semester, we suggest you consider consulting your physician regarding remaining in this lab. If your doctor recommends in writing that you not be enrolled in this lab, you will be allowed to complete the lab requirement at a later semester.

Disability Accommodation
If a student has a disability that qualifies under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and requires accommodations, he/she should contact the Office for Disability Accommodations (ODA) for information on appropriate policies and procedures. Disabilities covered by ADA may include learning, psychiatric, physical disabilities, or chronic health disorders. Students can contact ODA if they are not certain whether a medical condition/disability qualifies at: The University of Southern Mississippi, Office for Disability Accommodations; 118 College Drive # 8586, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001 Voice Telephone: (601) 266-5024 or (228) 214-3232; Fax: (601) 266-6035 Individuals with hearing impairments can contact ODA using the Mississippi Relay Service at 1-800-582-2233 (TTY) or email Suzy Hebert at