Song Guo

Assistant Professor

Physical Chemistry



Post Doc. Georgia Institute of Technology (2011-2012)

Post Doc. University of Texas at Austin (2008-2010)

Ph.D.  Physical Chemistry, University of Notre Dame (2008)

M.S.  Physical Chemistry, Nanjing University (2002)

B.S.  Chemistry, Nanjing University (1998)

Research Interests:

  • Nanomaterials
  • Surface chemistry
  • Scanning probe microscopy
  • Organic solar cells
  • Organic semiconductors
  • Reaction kinetics

Current Research:

The research in Guo group focuses on studying nano- and organic materials at molecular level. The performances of organic electronic devices are strongly influenced by the domain/aggregate morphology, molecular packing, and the conformational structures of the organic/polymer molecules. A deep understanding of the structure-conformation-property relationships at a microscopic scale is imperative for the future fulfillments of the idea of rational molecular design. We use a combination of experimental and theoretical methods, including atomic force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, thin film fabrications, fluorescence microscopy, IR, UV-vis spectroscopy, and modeling, to investigate a variety of functional material systems.

Another aspect of our research is chemical doping of organic materials. The fast-growing field of organic electronics in the last two decades comes with a matching demand for a variety of functional organic materials. So far the performances of most organic electronic materials still lag behind their inorganic counterparts. Incorporating dopants into organic semiconductor materials can greatly enhance the electronic properties of the doped materials. By studying the changes of morphology and properties in doped organic materials, we hope to gain deep insights on the doping mechanisms and kinetics. 

Selected Publications:

  1. S. Guo, O. Fabian, Y.-L. Chang, J.-T. Chen,  W. M. Lackowski, and P. F. Barbara, “Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence of Conjugated Polymer Films from Patterned Electrodes," Journal of the American Chemical Society 133, 11994 (2011)
  2. S. Guo, S. B. Kim, S. K. Mohapatra, Y. Qi, T. Sajoto, A. Kahn, S. R. Marder, S. Barlow, “n-Doping of Organic Electronic Materials using Air-Stable Organometallics,” Advanced Materials, 24, 699 (2012) 
  3. S. Guo, S. K. Mohapatra, A. Romanov, T. V. Timofeeva, K. I. Hardcastle, K. Yesudas, C. Risko, J. L. Brédas, S. R. Marder, S. Barlow, “n-Doping of Organic Electronic Materials using Air-Stable Organometallics: A Mechanistic Study of Reduction by Dimeric Sandwich Compounds,” Chemistry - A European Journal, 18, 14760 (2012). (Cover Article) 
  4. Benjamin D. Naab, Song Guo, Selina Olthof, Eric G. B. Evans, Peng Wei, Glenn L. Millhauser, Antoine Kahn, Stephen Barlow, Seth R. Marder, and Zhenan Bao, “Mechanistic Study on the Solution-Phase n-Doping of 1,3-Dimethyl-2-aryl-2,3-dihydro-1H-benzoimidazole Derivatives,” Journal of the American Chemical Society 135,15018 (2013)