Successful Graduate Students

Thesis (T) or Dissertation (D); Last Name; First Name; Date of Graduation; Title, Advisor


Parajuli, Suman, May 2011; “Sensitive Detection of High Explosives Using Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence.”  (Advisor:  Wujian Miao)

Balof, Shawna, May 2011; “Ruthenium-Based Olefin Metathesis Catalysts Bearing pH-Responsive Ligands:  External Control of Catalyst Solubility and Activity.”  (Advisor:  Hans Schanz)

Landry, Danielle, May 2011; “Abiotic Peptide Bond Formation:  Thioester and Transamidation Routes.” (Advisor:  Robert Bateman)


Confait, Bridget, May 2010; "Investigations of thiol reactivity with electron deficient alkenes to produce a variety of polyurethane networks and fullerene adducts."

Viner, Gloria, May 2010; “A Study of the Effective Interfacial Tension Between Miscible Fluids by Spinning Drop Tensiometer and Microfluidics.”  (Advisor:  John Pojman)

D   Walper, Scott, May 2010; “Developing a Biosensor for the Detection of Bacteria:  A Comparison of Methods for Isolating Bacteria-Specific Antibodies.”  (Advisor:  Sabine Heinhorst)

Wang, Shijun, May 2010; “Towards Multiplexed Electrogenerated Chemiluminescent Detection.”  (Advisor:  Wujian Miao)

Zhang, Yilin, December 2010; “Folate Receptor-Targeted Delivery of Small Interfering RNA to Cancer Cells.”  (Advisor:  Faqing Huang)


Menon, Balaraj, May 2009; “Molecular Interactions Involved in the Biogenesis of Bacterial Microcompartments.”  (Advisor:  Gordon Cannon)

Yu, Bing, May 2009; “Raft Synthesis of Water Soluble, Stimuli-Responsive (Co)Polymers and Post-Polymerization End Group Modification via the Thiol-Ene Reaction.”  (Advisor:  Andrew Lowe)

Strawbridge, J. Chris, May 2009; “Investigation Into Select Isoquinolines as a Putative Casual Agent of Ethanol Addiction in Mammals.”  (Advisor:  Kenneth McMurtrey)

Dou, Zhicheng, May 2009; “Functional Characterization and Assembly Studies of Carboxysomes in Halothiobacillus Neapolitanus.”  (Advisor:  Sabine Heinhorst)

McCluskey, D. Michelle, August 2009; “System Thinking:  Multi Functional Coatings.”  (Advisor:  Paige Buchanan)

Moody, Lamaryet, December 2009; “Development of New Photodynamic Therapeutic and Anti-Bacterial Agents.”  (Advisor:  Alvin Holder)

Cai, Fei, December 2009; “Transcript Analysis of the CSO Operon and Characterization of Two Sets of conserved Bacterial Microcompartment Genes in the Model Organism Halothiobacillus Neapolitanus.”  (Advisor:  Gordon Cannon)

Coumbe, Curtis, December 2009; Reactor R&D:  “Synthesis and Optimization of Metallic Nitride Fullerenes and the Introduction of Two New Classes of Endohedral Metallofullerenes Metallic Nitride Azafullerenes and Oxo-Metallic fullerenes.”  (Advisor:  Steven Stevenson)

Madasu, Praveen, December 2009; “Application of Molecular Modeling in the Noncovalent Dispersion of Carbon Nanomaterials.”  (Advisor:  Paige Buchanan)

Rosado, Dale, December 2009; “Turning Pig Liver Esterase Enantioselectivity for the Synthesis of Unnatural Serine and Tyrosine Analogues.”  (Advisor:  Douglas Masterson)

Viner, Veronika, December 2009; “Study of Thermal Frontal Polymerization Utilizing Reactive and Non-Reactive Additives.”  (Advisor:  John Pojman)


Clark, Tolecia, May 2008; "Photopolymerization and Characterization of Cross-linked Thiol-Ene Network and POSS/Thiol-Ene Nanocomposites."  (Advisor:  Charles Hoyle)

Rankin, David, May 2008; "The Design, Synthesis, and Controlled Polymerization of Cationic and Zwitterionic Norbornene Derivatives."  (Advisor:  Andrew Lowe)

Wang, Ran, May 2008; "Raft Synthesis of Water-Soluble, Stimuli-Responsive AB Diblock Copolymers."  (Advisor:  Andrew Lowe)

Parker, Amanda, August 2008; “Identification of Two Distinct Glutaminyl Cyclase Isoforms in Drosophila Melanogaster.”  (Advisor:  Robert Bateman)

He, Jun, August 2008; “Down-Regulation of Survivin by RNA Interference and Synthesis of 5’-Biotin-Labeled RNA.”  (Advisor:  Faqing Huang)

Pittman, Tommie, August 2008; “Utilization of Tris(2,2’-Bipyridine) Ruthenium (II) as Electrogenerated Chemiluminescent Labels for Biomolecular Detection.”  (Advisor:  Wujian Miao)

Marszalek, Jolanta, December 2008; “The Relationship Between Dynamic and Chemical Factors on the Morphology in AOT-Water-Polymer Systems.” (Advisor:  John Pojman)


Deng, Xiao, May 2007; "Polymer Fullerene Adhesive Blends."  (Advisor:  Paige Phillips)

Tiriveedhi, Venkataswarup; August 2007; "Interaction of Cell Penetrating Macromolecules with Model Membranes."  (Advisor:  Peter Butko)


T  Causey, Jana J., May 2006; “The Development and Optimization of a Rapid Test for Measurement of Urinary Polyamines in Cancer Patient Treatment.” (Advisor:  Robert Bateman)

T  Viner, Veronika, May 2006; “Analysis of Gases Produced by the WOMBAT Process.” (Advisor:  John Pojman)

T  Yu, Hua, May 2006; “Investigation of Fullerene Reactivity with Organic Functionalized Silica Gel and its Application in Isolation of Metallic Nitride Fullerenes (MNFS).” (Advisor: Steven Stevenson)

D  Li, Na, August 2006; “Isolation and Characterization of Ribozymes Catalyzing Aminoacylation from CoA Thioesters.” (Advisor:  Faqing Huang)

D  Williams, Eric, August 2006; “Identification and Characterization of Protein Interactions in the Carboxysome of Halothiobacillus Neapolitanus.”  (Advisor:  Gordon Cannon)

T  Viner, Gloria, August 2006; “Evolution of Transient Interfacial Phenomena in Miscible and Partially Miscible Systems.”  (Advisor: John Pojman)

D  Adamson, Steven, December 2006; “"Regulation of a DNA-Compacting Plastid Nucleoid Protein.”  (Advisor: Sabine Heinhorst)

D  Jimenez, Zulma A., December 2006; “Polymerizations of Quaternary Ammonium Based (Meth)acrylate Ionic Liquid Monomers.”  (Advisor: John Pojman)

D  Marks, A. Giselle, December 2006; “Investigation of Intramolecular Bonding in Four High-Volatile Bituminous Coals Using Wide-Angle X-Ray Scattering Analysis.”  (Advisor: David Wertz)  


T  Huang, Danning, May 2005; “Isolation of Novel Ribozymes with Thioesterase Activities and Kinetics Characterization of the Ribozyme.” (Advisor: Faqing Huang)

T  Leard, Kayce C., August 2005; “Determining Effective Techniques for Investigating Polymer-Dispersed Aqueous Materials.”  (Advisor: John Pojman)

D  McFarland, Brian, December 2005; “Investigations of Free Radical Polymerization Systems Using Microencapsulated Initiators.”  (Advisor: John Pojman)

T  Clark, Shalawn K., December 2005; “Interaction of the BT Toxin Cyt1A with a Lipid Monolaye.” (Advisor: Peter Butko)


T Wang, Guocan; May 2004; “Isolation of a Minimal RNA Ligase Ribozyme by in vitro Selection and Solid-Phase Synthesis of Doubly-Fluorescent Labeled RNA for Structural and Functional Investigation of RNA by Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer”. (Advisor: Faqing Huang)

D Ebrahimnejad, Ali; December 2004; “Alanyl-tRNA Synthetase from Wheat Germ, Purification and cDNA Clone Identification”. (Advisor: Jeffrey Evans)

D Coleman, Tricia; May 2004; “RNA-Catalyzed Thioester Synthesis and the Size-Activity Relationship of RNA Catalysis”. (Advisor: Faqing Huang)

D Manceva, Slobodanka; May 2004; “The Mechanism of Action of Cytl A, a delta endotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis: A Detergent or a Pore Former?” (Advisor: Peter Butko)


T Zoltowski, Brian; August, 2003; “Using Spinning Drop Tensiometry to Estimate the Square Gradient Parameter for Poly(Dodecyl Acrylate)/Dodecyl Acrylate”. (Advisor: John Pojman)

D Lewis, Lydia Lee; December, 2003; “The Development and Characterization of an Optical Monitoring Technique and of a Mathematical Algorithm for Isothermal Frontal Polymerization”. (Advisor: John Pojman)


D Al-Kaysi, Rabih O.; May 2002; “Photochemistry and Photophysics of Some Mono and Bichromophoric Aryl Cinnamate Model Compounds”.

D Somlai, Alline P.; May, 2002; “A Photochemical and Photophysical Investigation of Polymers Containing the Trans-4,4’-Stilbene Bis-(Carboxylate) Chromophore”. (Advisor: David Creed)

D Chi-Ham, Cecilia L.; August, 2002; “Identification and Characterization of DCP68 as a Bifunctional DNA-Binding Nucleoid Protein and Sulfite Reductase”. (Advisor: Sabine Heinhorst)

D Cole, Michael C.; August, 2002; “Photopolymerization of Vinyl Donor/Vinyl Acceptor Systems and Thiol-Ene Systems”. (Advisor: Charles Hoyle)

D Gill, Nicole L.; August, 2002; “Investigation into the Phase Separation of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals”. (Advisor: Joe Whitehead)

D Goodwin, J. Shawn; August, 2002; “Characterization of Hydrophobin SC3 Interfacial Self-Assembly”. (Advisor: Gordon Cannon)

T Howell, Renetta K.; August, 2002; “Identification of a Plastid Thylakoid DNA-Binding Protein in Pea”. (Advisor: Sabine Heinhorst)


T Quin, Jeffrey L.; August, 2001; “Effects of Solvents on the Short-Range Structure Found in Wyodak-Anderson Coal”. (Advisor: David Wertz)

D Terrell, Clemon D.; August, 2001; “Laterally Substituted Dicarboxylic Acids and Their Bispyridyl Complexes: Main-Chain Association Polymers”. (Advisor: Anselm Griffin)

D Terrell, Rosalind S.; August, 2001; “How Do Video-Based Demonstration Assessment Tasks Affect Problem-Solving Processes, Test Anxiety, Chemistry Anxiety and Achievement in General Chemistry Students?”. (Advisor: Craig Bowen)

D Booth, Rachell E; December, 2001; “Structural and Functional Characterization of a Peptide Processing Enzyme: Human Clutaminyl Cyclase”. (Advisor: Robert Bateman)

D DuBose, Stephen B.; December, 2001; “Investigation into the Swelling of Beulah Zap Lignite Using Various Organic Liquids”.

D Little, Virgil T.; December, 2001; “Novel Living/Controlled Radical Pollymerizations Utilizing Organomercurials and Organocobaloximes as Reversible Chain Terminating Species”.


D Martin, Gregory G.; May 2000; “Purification and Characterization of a New Class of Amphipathic Biopolymers Capable of Self-Assembly from Aqueous Media”. (Advisor: Charles McCormick)

T Hurt, Tara D.; August 2000; “Rapid Detection of Shiga-Like Toxin Genes of Escherichia coli 0157:H7”. (Advisor: Jeffrey Evans)

D Booth, Chad J.; August 2000; “An Investigation into the Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of Some Structurally Unique Linear Liquid Crystal Polyesters and Liquid Crystal Elastomers”. (Advisor: Anselm Griffin)

D Liu, Puwei; August 2000; “Design Synthesis and Characterization of Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Networks Containing Transverse Rods for Potential Auxetic Materials”. (Advisor: Anselm Griffin)