Teaching Assistants

photograph of student in labYour appointment as a teaching assistant means that you have been chosen for a position of responsibility by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Your teaching experience will help you grow in your field, even if you do not plan on a career involving teaching.  The attitude, ability and enthusiasm brought into the lab by the teaching assistant may very well mean the difference between success and failure for some of the students.  You will be a member of a team comprised of professors, other teaching assistants and staff.  They are there to help whenever possible. 

Teaching assistant duties include:

  • Teaching three labs each during the fall and spring semesters.  The labs taught are usually those at the freshman or sophomore level, General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry labs.  The time involved would equate to about twenty hours per week to allow the graduate student time to focus on his/her coursework and the beginning of their research.
  • Dressing appropriately to represent the department.
  • Grading your students’ work.
  • Attending a weekly meeting, approximately one hour in length.
  • Properly preparing for the labs you teach.
  • Maintaining a professional relationship with your students.  This includes no dating or meeting your students to go out for a social gathering.  You will not be allowed to tutor your own students for pay.
  • Be present for your office hour in tutorial center, once a week for one hour.