2017 Panel Descriptions

Storytelling Panel 
Dianne Butler, Bethany Carlisle, and Mary Beth Magee
This session is a primer for the beginner storyteller. Hear tips, suggestions and resources for storytelling programs in your library. By utilizing the poplar format of ABC's, the audience will participate in this very interactive workshop giving hints and illustrations to help with storytelling. From A is for audience, anthologies, anecdotes, attending storytelling programs (where different festivals and the summer library programs at the local libraries will be promoted) to Z “zip, zap snap, this tale is told out”, audience members will be receive many tips and ideas to help them develop their own personal style of storytelling. Attendees will also learn to apply storytelling techniques both to teach and to verify understanding of material.


Musical Programming Panel
Katy Hobgood Ray and Lonna Vines
You don’t have to be a musical superstar to share the joy of music with your patrons. Attendees of this session will learn the technology used to produce, distribute, and promote musical and other audio content. There will also be information about easy and more ambitious ways to incorporate music into your public library programming schedule with little to no musical background.


Community Programming Panel
Claudia Nisbett, Nancy Opalko, Nancy Varian, and Meridith Wulff
Learn how to organize, promote, and kick off a library program that will bring families together to enjoy outdoor activities, books and local culture. Presenters will share how ideas are formed and the promotional methods that were found to be most effective in reaching families.

Attendees will also learn about “tried and true” events and activities that have worked to use books to bring people together.


Reaching Older Readers Panel
Crystal Giles and Melanie Hays
This session will focus on encouraging teen involvement and selecting material for both middle school and high school students. Attendees will learn about programs that have successfully gotten teens involved and how to utilize this type of programming in their library or school. Recently released and upcoming books for 2017 will also be introduced, along with suggestions for who might best be suited for each particular book.