2018 Panel Descriptions

Diversity Panel 1: Authors Speak

Building Bridges: Creative Ways to Engage Readers Using Multicultural Stories
Leah Henderson

 All too often multicultural books are seen as “the other,” on an island or shelf by themselves. This session explores fun and engaging ways to incorporate these stories in lessons and discussions in order to help bridge the divide between what’s often deemed the unfamiliar. The author pulls from her own writing and research experiences and shares activity pairings featuring various multicultural books as well as sources for finding accurate and respectful multicultural stories to add to your library and classroom collections.

Mirror, Window, Door: Teaching Tolerance with Diverse Children's Books
Irene Latham

 How to create a more loving, tolerant world? With children's books, of course. Using the author's real-life experiences as a reader and writer of books that cross cultures and address head-on topics of race and racism, this session will provide book recommendations and practical tips for parents and educators on how – and how NOT to –  move beyond fear to help children understand issues of violence, inequality, racism, prejudice, and discrimination.


Diversity Panel 2: In the Trenches

Celebrating Differences: Using Children's Literature to Create an Inclusive Culture
Nicole Briceno and Alicia Westbrook

 The use of children's literature that highlights characters with exceptionalities lays the foundation for an inclusive classroom culture.  This interactive session will demonstrate how to use children’s literature as a teaching tool to promote understanding of individual differences while utilizing strategies that promote early childhood literacy development.

 Mindfulness in Selecting and Teaching Diverse Texts: Bringing attention to Ableism in Children’s Literature
Dr. Amanda D. Franks and Dr. Stacy R. Reeves

 Participants will be given the opportunity to explore the issues related to ableism and teaching diverse perspectives through children’s literature, particularly when working with books focused on characters with disabilities. The session will allow participants to interact with each other and presenters to develop a better understanding of ableism. Presenters will highlight a checklist of “do’s and don’ts,” examples of ableist language, and a variety of children’s books will be covered.

Travel the World Through Story Time
Callie Ann Starkey

Story time is a great opportunity to introduce children to backgrounds and cultures that are different from their own. In this session, I will present my Travel Story Time program, designed for preschool aged children. We will discuss authentic and relevant picture books that represent many countries and diverse backgrounds, as well as excellent diverse authors and illustrators.


Publishing Panel

Publishing for Students
Dr. Alison Buehler

The publishing world has recently exploded for independent publishers. There are some excellent venues for students who are serious about getting their work into the world and for teachers who want to publish a class book. This session will demonstrate how to lead students through the publication process and provide participants with all the tools that they will need to publish and distribute quality books.

From Booklover to Author in 5 Easy Steps
Sarah C. Campbell, Sarah Frances Hardy, and Cheryl Mathis

Three well-published authors will walk pre-published writers through the publication process. The storytellers in us would love to make the publishing journey sound easy (like “repeat publish three times in every sentence”), but our mamas taught us not to lie. Booklovers will learn practical, concrete steps they can take to transform their own heart’s stories into treasures on library shelves.


Storytelling Panel

Storyteller - "I wonder if...?"
Diane Butler

You have attended many workshop presentations on storytelling, you have listened to a variety of storytellers on you tube, you have visited storytelling websites, you have read a lot of books on storytelling and know you think you have a great story to share.  BUT you ask “I wonder if I could really do that?” “I wonder where do I start?”  “I wonder what next?” These questions and more will be shared from the 30 some odd years that I have been storytelling.

Storytelling/Story Acting
Soline D. Holmes and Carrel Muller

By allowing children to act out the roles of the characters in a story, they become active participants in the storytelling. Active learning is superior to passive learning. When children participate in the creation of the story experience, they acquire many skills in language arts, as well as, social and emotional skills. Learn what stories work best and the method of translating stories into storytelling plays.



Teen Topics

High Interest Reading in High School Libraries
Stacy Baudoin and Mandi Mitchell

Sometimes “critically-acclaimed” and popular do not overlap. This is a list of books that are checked out at our library over and over again by all different types of readers.  Some books may be familiar, while others may be more obscure.  Either way these books would be a great addition to any library that deals with teens.

Hot Picks for Teens
Melanie Hays and Sandra Hays

Join us to learn about great books (YA readers ranging from grades 7-12) that have been released this school year or will be releasing soon. We will present a brief book talk summary for the books as well as share who might best enjoy them individually. Attendees will be given a list of the books discussed to help if they want to remember to order them for their patrons.