Book Purchases at the Festival

The Southern Miss campus Barnes and Noble handles all book purchases and autographing sessions at the Children's Book Festival.  


I will be purchasing books with a purchase order at the Children's Book Festival.  What should I do?

Barnes and Noble will need to have the following information in order to set up accounts for purchase order use:

  • A copy of the tax id number. If a school/library is within the same district, they will still need each individual school Tax ID form.
  • School or library address, phone and fax numbers and a contact name and number.
  • Any restrictions to the purchase order; i.e. can't spend over $200.00 or buy textbooks.

It takes approximately 3-4 days to get this set up. Once this is done, Barnes and Noble can issue the account numbers.

This information should be sent to Barnes and Noble. You may contact them via email, by phone: 601.266.4353, or by fax: 601.266.5777.