Diversity Committee



The Diversity Committee aims to promote an atmosphere of open dialogue around diversity within the USM Clinical Psychology Program. We believe a comprehensive curriculum will not only adopt an accepting attitude toward diversity, but will actively incorporate diversity training, where appropriate, into our research and clinical training models. We acknowledge that diversity represents a wide range of experiences including (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, culture, socioeconomic status, ability, nation of origin, language, and veteran status. Additionally, we recognize that an individual may identify with more than one of these domains.



Our major goals are to:

  • Promote diversity among the faculty and students of our program
  • Maintain an inclusive and welcoming program environment, including but not limited to students, faculty, clients, and visitors
  • Bridge the cultural gap between our training program and the greater Hattiesburg community
  • Enhance diversity training and sensitivity across our curriculum, including training relevant to research and clinical practice
  • Foster connections with other programs, students, and/or faculty with an interest in diversity-related issues


Committee Members


    • Karin Fisher
    • Tiffany Harrop
    • Jessica James
    • Lauren Khazem
    • Keyne Law
    • David Schultz


    • Joye Anestis
    • Michael Anestis
    • Stephanie Smith


Upcoming Events (Fall 2016)

  • LGBTQ Psychoeducation Training and Workshop (Jessica James & David Schultz)
  • LGBTQ Documentary Viewing (Lauren Khazem)
  • Working with LGBTQ Individuals (Guest Speaker)


Past Events

  • Summer 2016
  • Working with Individuals with Physical Disabilities (Lauren Khazem)
  • Working with Transgender Individuals (Dr. L.B. Bell)
  • Experiences of Non-Native English Speakers (Karin Fisher)


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