Degree Requirements - Master of Arts


  • A minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed, including thesis/project credit.  
  • Substantive Core (6 hours)
  • CMS 600, CMS 720
  • Research Methods (9 hours)
  • CMS Electives (9 hours)
  • Thesis (6 hours)

Additional Requirements 

  • Complete thesis or project:
    • For thesis option: Candidates complete a thesis and take a comprehensive examination along with the oral defense of the thesis.
    • For project option:  Candidates complete a major communication project that is grounded in communication scholarship. Students are required to submit written documentation that details the project's rationale and significance, relevant literature and scholarly grounding, the method of development and implementation, results and outcomes, and lessons learned. 
  • A 3.0 GPA is required for graduation. 
  • Students must complete the degree within 4 years of initial enrollment and adhere to the University’s continuous enrollment requirement. Details may be found in the current Graduate BulletinIn brief, students should be continuously enrolled after completing coursework until completing all requirements for the masters degree. 
  • The Department of Communication Studies requires that students register for 1 hour of credit during any semester the student works with a professor on a thesis. 
  • All graduate students are expected to complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training, sexual misconduct training, and additional assigned modules available online.