Dr. Charles H. Tardy

Dr. Charles H. Tardy

Professor Emeritus






Ph.D., University of Iowa

M.A., University of Iowa

B.A., Mississippi State University




CMS 350 – Nonverbal Communication

CMS 450 – Seminar on Lying and Deception

CMS 493 – Capstone Experiences

CMS 750 – Nonverbal Communication



Interests focus on the effects of interpersonal communication and personal relationships on health and well-being, and the measurement of communication processes.


Selected Publications

Cheng, C.-C. & Tardy, C. H. (2009).  A cross-cultural study of silence in marital conflict.  China Media Research, 5, 35-44. 

Tardy, C. H., Hemphill, M. R., & Crow, B. K. (2006).  James J. Bradac as Teacher, Researcher, and Role Model.  Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 25, 25-32.

Tardy, C. H. & Dindia, K. A. (2006).  Self-disclosure: Strategic revelation of personal information in personal and professional relationships.  In O. Hargie (Ed.), A Handbook of Communication Skills, 3rd Ed.  London: Routledge.

Tardy, C. H.  & Allen, M. R. (1998).  Moderators of cardiovascular reactivity to speech: Discourse production and group variation in blood pressure and pulse.  International Journal of Psychophysiology, 29, 247-254.