Dr. John C. Meyer


Dr. John C. Meyer






Ph.D., University of Kansas, Communication Studies

M.A., University of Kansas, Communication Studies

B.S., Phillips University, Mass Communication





CMS 312  Interviewing

CMS 320  Business and Professional Speaking

CMS 330  Small Group Communication

CMS 410  Organizational Communication I

CMS 420  Organizational Communication II

CMS 425  Communication and Conflict Resolution

CMS 450  Seminar on Communication and Organizational Culture

CMS 610  Problems in Organizational Communication

CMS 725  Seminar on Organizational Communication Cultures

CMS 745  Seminar on Humor and Communication Research 

CMS 809  Seminar on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

HON 301  Prospectus Writing



Currently studying how humor in communication influences relationships, persuasion, and organizational culture; also exploring how children’s communication strategies in day care centers enact organizational and family values.


Selected Publications

(2015). Understanding Humor through Communication: Why Be Funny, Anyway? Lanham, MD: Lexington.

(2003).  Kids Talking: Learning Relationships and Culture With Children.  Lanham, MD:  Rowman & Littlefield.  ISBN 0-7425-2706-9


Selected Articles

(2009).  Unity in response to mystery:  Uniting diverse views to plan worship.  Journal of Communication and Religion, 32, 62-92.

(2004).  Organizational discourse and citizenship: A special issue introduction.  Southern Communication Journal, 69, 183-187.

(2002).  Organizational communication assessment: Fuzzy methods and the accessibility of symbols.  Management Communication Quarterly, 15, 472-479.

(2000).  Humor as a double-edged sword:  Four functions of humor in communication.  Communication Theory, 10 (3), 310-331.

(1997).  Humor in member narratives:  Uniting and dividing at work.  Western Journal of Communication, 61, 188-208.


Book Chapters


(2012). Humor functions in communication. In R. L. DiCioccio (Ed.), Humor Communication: Theory, impact, and outcomes. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt (pp. 21-33). 

(2012).  Humor as personal relationship enhancer:  Positivity for the long term.  In T. J. Socha & M. J. Pitts (Eds.), The positive side of interpersonal communication.  New York:  Peter Lang (pp. 161-177).

(2009).  Kids, parents, and organization:  Cooperation and conflict in a child development center culture.  In T. J. Socha & G. H. Stamp (Eds.), Parents and children communicating with society:  Managing relationships outside of home.  New York:  Routledge, Taylor and Francis (pp. 38-55).  

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