Dr. John C. Meyer


Dr. John C. Meyer








Ph.D., University of Kansas, Communication Studies

M.A., University of Kansas, Communication Studies

B.S., Phillips University, Mass Communication



CMS 312: Interviewing

CMS 320: Business and Professional Speaking

CMS 330: Small Group Communication

CMS 410: Organizational Communication I

CMS 420: Organizational Communication II

CMS 425: Communication and Conflict Resolution

CMS 450: Seminar on Communication and Organizational Culture

CMS 610: Problems in Organizational Communication

CMS 725: Seminar on Organizational Communication Cultures

CMS 745: Seminar on Humor and Communication Research 

CMS 809: Seminar on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

HON 301: Prospectus Writing



Currently studying how humor in communication influences relationships, persuasion, and organizational culture; also exploring how children’s communication strategies in day care centers enact organizational and family values.


Select Publications

(2015). Understanding Humor through Communication: Why Be Funny, Anyway? Lanham, MD: Lexington.

(2003).  Kids Talking: Learning Relationships and Culture With Children.  Lanham, MD:  Rowman & Littlefield.  ISBN 0-7425-2706-9



(2009).  Unity in response to mystery:  Uniting diverse views to plan worship. Journal of Communication and Religion, 32, 62-92.

(2004).  Organizational discourse and citizenship: A special issue introduction. Southern Communication Journal, 69, 183-187.

(2002).  Organizational communication assessment: Fuzzy methods and the accessibility of symbols.  Management Communication Quarterly, 15, 472-479.

(2000).  Humor as a double-edged sword:  Four functions of humor in communication. Communication Theory, 10 (3), 310-331.

(1997).  Humor in member narratives:  Uniting and dividing at work. Western Journal of Communication, 61, 188-208.


Book Chapters

(2012). Humor functions in communication. In R. L. DiCioccio (Ed.), Humor Communication: Theory, impact, and outcomes. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt (pp. 21-33). 

(2012).  Humor as personal relationship enhancer:  Positivity for the long term.  In T. J. Socha & M. J. Pitts (Eds.), The positive side of interpersonal communication. New York:  Peter Lang (pp. 161-177).

(2009).  Kids, parents, and organization:  Cooperation and conflict in a child development center culture.  In T. J. Socha & G. H. Stamp (Eds.), Parents and children communicating with society:  Managing relationships outside of home. New York:  Routledge, Taylor and Francis (pp. 38-55).  



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