Dr. Keith V. Erickson

Dr. Keith V. Erickson

Professor (retired)




Ed.D., University of Michigan, Rhetorical Theory & Criticism

M.A., Pennsylvania State University, Rhetorical Theory & Oral Interpretation

B.A., Washington State University, Speech & Theater Education






CMS 111H – Oral Communication

CMS 303 – Argumentation and Debate

CMS 315 – Advanced Public Speaking

CMS 320 ─ Business & Professional Communication

CMS 403 – Political Communication

CMS 603 – Political Communication

CMS 735 – Rhetorical Theory



Presidential and political communication; rhetorical theory and criticism


Selected Publications

Erickson, K. V., Thomson, S., (2012). First Lady International Diplomacy:  Performing Gendered Roles on the World Stage. Southern Communication Journal (In press).


Erickson, K. V. (2008). Presidential rhetoric’s visual turn: Performance fragments and the politics of illusionism. In L. Olson, C. Finnegan, & D. Hope (Eds.), Visual Rhetoric: A Reader in Communication and American Culture. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Pub. [Rptd. From Communication Monographs,67, 138-157.]


Erickson, Keith V. (2006). Rhetoric: Critical Essay. Belmont, CA: Thomson Gale Publishing, 1-20. [Rptd. From Keith V. Erickson (comp.), Aristotle’s Rhetoric: Five Centuries of Philological Research Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1975].


Erickson, K. V., Thomson, S. (2004). Seduction theory and the Recovery of Feminine Aesthetics:Implications for Rhetorical Criticism. Communication Quarterly, 52, 6, 300-319.


Erickson, K. V. (1998). Presidential Spectacles: Political Illusionism and the Rhetoric of Travel.  Communication Monographs, 65, 142-153.