Dr. Laura Stengrim

Dr. Laura Stengrim

Assistant Professor  

Director, Southern Miss Speaking Center






Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Communication

M.A., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, English & Writing Studies

B.A., College of St. Benedict & St. John's University, English



CMS 111: Oral Communication



Rhetorical criticism, American histories of globalization, and communication centers


Selected Publications


Hartnett, S.J. and L.A. Stengrim, Globalization & Empire: The U.S. Invation of Iraq, Free Markets, and the Twilight of Democracy (Tuscaloosa: Univ. of Alabama Press, 2006). 

Articles & Book Chapters

Stengrim, L.A. and Hartnett, S.J. Appendix [Sources of information for schoalrs and empowerment for activists] for Hartnett, S., "You are fit for something better": Communicating hope in anti-war activism. In L.R. Frey & K. Carragee (Eds.). Communication Activism (2 Vols.). (Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 2007). 

Hartnett, S.J. and L.A. Stengrim. "War Rhetorics: The National Security Strategy of the United States and Bush's Globalization-Through-Benevolent-Empire," The South Atlantic Quaterly (Winter 2006). 

Stengrim, L.A., "Negotiating Postmodern Democracy, Political Activism, and Knowledge Production: Indymedia's Grassroots and e-Savvy Answer to Media Oligopoly," Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies (December 2005). Lead Article. 

Hartnett, S.J. and L.A. Stengrim, "'The Whole Operation of Deception': Reconstructing President Bush's Rhetoric of Weapons of Mass Destruction," Cultural Studies <-> Critical Methodologies 4:2 (2004): 152-197. 


Stengrism, L.A. "America Unbound: The Bush Revolution in Foreign Policy." Book Review. Rehtoric & Public Affairs (Winte 2006).