Support the Department


The Department of Communication Studies invites all our alumni and friends to support the department. Updates, business cards, and visits are appreciated.  If you would like to make a financial contribution, here are the funds that have been established to support our students:  

Don George Fund. This endowed fund was established to support graduate students. Dr. George (1913-2011) established this fund after his retirement in 1978. The proceeds are used primarily to support travel to conferences by graduate students but may be used in any way that enhances the education of graduate students in our program. Contributions to this fund will enable us to help more students.

Elliott and Bonnie Pood Fund. This endowed fund was established to assist outstanding undergraduates who are academically talented and professionally active. Dr. Pood (1951-2007) and his wife Bonnie established this fund when he joined the university and department in 2003. Currently we make one or two small awards from this fund each year and contributions would enable us to give more and larger awards.

Lambda Pi Eta Fund. This endowed fund was established by two current faculty members to support the education of students based on financial need. We make one or two modest awards from this fund every year and contributions would enable us to give more and larger awards.

Communication Studies Development Fund. This account was established to enable donors to immediately assist with department needs. Funds have been used to support graduate students, provide prizes for winners of a student speaking contest, and this year to support the Southern Miss debate team. Contributions will not become part of an endowed fund but will be used to immediately benefit students and department activities.


To make a donation, please go to the USM Foundation website

In the box labeled "Other," enter "Communication Studies" and the fund name from above.  You may also use the ""Special Instructions" box.  


If you would like to talk with someone about department needs and other giving opportunities, please contact Dr. Wendy Atkins-Sayre at 601-266-4271.