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School of Communication

Recent Doctoral Graduates

students in graduation robes 


2018 Doctoral Graduates

  • Brown, Victoria.  Instructor.  University of Mississippi.
  • Charoensap-Kelly, Piyawan.  Lecturer. University of Alabama-Huntsville.
  • Perna, Brian.  Assistant Professor.  Murray State.
  • Reif, Carrie.  Assistant Professor.  Columbus State University.

2017 Doctoral Graduates

  • Miller, Niya Pickett.  Assistant Professor.  Tuskegee University.  Un-othering the Albino: How Popular Communication Constructs Albinism Identity.

2016 Doctoral Graduates

  • Brown, Carl J. Assistant Professor & Director of Grand Valley State University Speech Lab, Grand Valley State University. Instructor-Student Classroom Interactions: An Experimental Study of Language, Sex-Difference, and Student Perceptions of Instructors. 
  • Hanson-Smith, Elizabeth. Youth Engagement Coordinator, Capital Area Tennis Association. Family Communication Motivating Athletics Over Generations: A Mixed Method Expansion of Self-Determination Theory. 
  • Mestayer, Colleen. Instructor, Tennessee Technological University. The Voice and Action of Service: Exploring Nonprofit Volunteerism from a Dual Perspective. 

2015 Doctoral Graduates

  • Dancy, Lindsey. Assistant Vice President & Corporate Training Officer, Community Bank. External Organizational Identification, Parasocial Relationships, and Social Media Use.
  • French, Shaunda M. Associate Professor, Chadron State College. My Confidant, My Coworker: The Interpersonal Relationship of Work Spouses.
  • Humphrey, Vernon F. Adjunct Professor, Columbus State. Overcoming the Loss of Nonverbal Cues Encountered by the Adventitiously Blind: Reconstructing Relationships and Identity.
  • McGowan, Angela M. Assistant Professor, State University of New York, Fredonia. Encouraging Bipartisanship: Polarization and Civility as Rhetorical Tools for Ameliorating the U.S. Senate's Partisan Environment.
2014 Doctoral Graduates
  • Spann, Vikki, Y. Human Resource Director, Delta Health Center. Maximizing Doctor-Patient Communication of a Positive HIV/AIDS Test Result: A Best Practices Approach.

2013 Doctoral Graduates

  • McLaughlin, Jennifer D. Assistant Professor, Southwest Mississippi Community College. The Use Of Humor For Emotion Management On The Job: An Exploration of 911 Communication Centers.
  • King, Michael L. Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Southern Mississippi. Power of Speech Styles: A Relational Framing Perspective.

2012 Doctoral Graduates

  • Dix, Andrew.  Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University.  Impression Rating Via Speed-dating: How a Single Communication Event Can Alter Perceptions of Another Individual.
  • Schabot, Daniel E. Associate Professor, Tarrant County College. Jimmy Carter's Post-Presidential Rhetoric: Faith-Based Rhetoric and Human Rights Foreign Policy.
  • Stafford, Paul, E. Assistant Professor, Tarleton State University. Interpersonal Relating: Investigating the Experience of Refriending.
  • Smithson, Joy, N. Data Scientist, SchoolStatus. Financial Communication in Romantic Relationships.
  • Rodriguez, Leslie, Y. Assistant Professor, Angelo State University.  Employee Racial Discrimination Complaints: Exploring Power Through Co-Cultural Theory.
  • Richey, Patrick, G. Associate Professor & Director of Forensics, Middle Tennessee State University. Unnecessary Evil: An Examination of Abu Ghraib Torture Photographs as Postcolonial Resistance Rhetoric.

2010 Doctoral Graduates

  • Nelson, David R. Associate Professor, Valdosta State University. Shock Rhetoric.

2009 Doctoral Graduates

  • Glenn, Robert J. Professor, Owensboro Community College. An Investigation of the Persuasive Effects of Rhetorical Questions, Message Framing, and the ELM in Promoting Responsible Cell Phone Usage.
  • Hammond, Erin. Professor, Faulkner State Community College. The 2008 United States Senate Elections: A Typology of Negative Themes on Candidate-Sponsored Websites.
  • Guan, Yan. Consultant, Yixu (Beijing) Investment Management. A Cross-cultural Study of Intergenerational Communication in Workplaces.
  • Woodrick, Rebecca. Title IX Coordinator, University of Southern Mississippi. A Case Study Analysis of Organizational Crisis Communication During Hurricane Katrina.

2008 Doctoral Graduates

  • Rogers, Laura. Communication, Crisis, and Identity: Dialectical Tensions in Family Narratives about Hurricane Katrina.
  • Mattina, JaneInstructor, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. The Influence of Verbal Aggressiveness and Verbal Argumentativeness on College Student Leadership Styles.
  • Pacheco, George. Assistant Professor, Angelo State University. Rhetoric with Humor:  An Analysis of Hispanic/Latino Comedians' Uses of Humor .
  • Verdon, Theron Allen.  Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Oneonta. Attacking Ethos:  The Use of Strategic Uncertainty in the 2004 Election. 
  • Jones, Kyle. Pregnancy Support Centers' Use of Fetal Ultrasound Images as Rhetoric.

2007 Doctoral Graduates 

  • Steen, Susan L. Director of International Programs, University of Southern Mississippi. An Investigation of the Impact of Disclosure on the Re-entry Experience of American Study-Abroad Students.
  • Lee, Carolyn Kyyhkynen. Leadership and Social Influence in Response to a Communication Crisis.
  • Ramsey, Matthew. Visiting Assistant Professor, Arkansas State University. Organizational Identification and Concertive Control.

2006 Doctoral Graduates

  • Stark, Heather Grace. Communication Experiences of Pregnant Women: An Exploratory Investigation.

2005 Doctoral Graduates

  • Knight, Misty Ellis. Associate Professor, Shippensburg University. From Private to Public Life: Rhetoric of First Ladies in Their First Year.

2004 Doctoral Graduates

  • Franklin, William Cole. Associate Professor of Communication Arts, Louisiana College. Ice Cream for Eskimos: The Role of Competent Sales Delivery in Marketer Success.
  • Phukanchana, Thitirat. Ramkhamhaeng University; Bangkok Thailand. Strategic Uses of Humor in the Workplace: A Comparative Study Between Thais and Americans.
  • Cheng, Chuan-chuan. Assistant Professor, Tzu Chi University; Taiwan. The Effect of Culture on the Use of Silence in Marital Conflict.

2003 Doctoral Graduates

  • Thompson, Stephanie. Assistant Professor, Xavier University. Creating a Contemporary Organization Culture Through Press Release Rhetoric: The United Farm Workers.
  • Huebner, Thomas. President, Meridian Community College. Lay Perceptions of Argument Quality.
  • Henderson, Mark. Assistant Professor, Jackson State University. The Impression Formation Effect of Bragging: The Role of Participant Gender, Participant Race, and Speaker Race.
  • Lindley, Giles. Pastor, United Methodist Church, Pontotoc, Mississippi. Symbols in Sacred Space: A Rhetorical Analysis of Church Sanctuaries.
  • George, Merry. Assistant Professor, Pikesville College. The Social Myth As Structurational Rhetoric: A Model for Analyzing the Rhetorical Texts of the Heaven's Gate Cult.
  • O'Donnell, Doran. Assistant Professor, University of Louisiana, Alexandria. The Sharing of Humor: Sympathetic and Empathetic Uses of Humor.
  • Hawkins, Ann. Implementation Specialist, Jenzabar, Inc. Evaluational Consequences of Speech Rate, Language Intensity, and Powerful/Powerless Speech Styles.

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