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Center for Community Engagement

Fall 2022 Service Learning

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Course Number   Course Name  Faculty   Section Number 
HPR 322  Recreation Programming  Earnie Pheal  H001 
BSC 103  Biology and Society   Melissa Gutierrez   H001 
CMS 490  Capstone in Communication Studies   All H001 
DAN 202  Ballet Technique 1  Candice Salyers   H001 
DAN 491   Senior Capstone in Dance   Candice Salyers   H001 
DAN 135   Introduction to Dance Studies  Candice Salyers   H001 
DPH 321  Community Health   Vickie Reed  H002 
IDS 110  Luckyday Citizenship Seminar   Larry Sparkman   H001, H002, H003, H004 
PSY 613  Cultural Bases of Behavior   Craig Warlick   H001 
SME 432  Science or Elementary Teachers   Maria Wallace, Rachel Gisewhite/Svatek  H003, H006, G001 
SWKL 301L  Introduction to Social Work Lab  Melody Davisson  H002 
UNV 110   Introduction to University Studies Laura Malone   H001
FAM 401  Family Life Education  Mariann Taylor H001 
MGT 322 Creative Marketing  Alexis Stoner  H002
ART 492 Special Problems in Art  Linh Nguyen   H003
BLKS 491 Service Learning Black Studies    H001


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