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Spring 2022 Service Learning Classes

Spring 2022 Service Learning Classes

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Course Number Course Name Faculty  Section Number 
CIR 407 Early Literacy II Jo Hawkins-Jones  H002-LEC 7270
CMS 490 Capstone in Communication Studies Laura Alberti H001-LEC 5780 
DPH 321 Community Health  Vickie Reed H001-LEC 2174
ENG 203 World Literature  Christopher Foley  G002-LEC 5205
FAM 401/501 Family Life Education  Mariann Taylor  H001-LEC 6018
FAM 401 Family Life Education  Mya Rome  H002-LEC 5255
SWK 301L Social Work Lab Melody Davisson H001-LAB 7076
SWK 301L Social Work Lab Karen Aderer G001-LAB 7068
BLK 491 Service Learning in Black Studies  Cheryl Jenkins  H001-LEC 6915
BSC 103 Biology and Society  Melissa Gutierrez  H001-LEC 1179
CIE 301 Mathematics: Primary & Middle Grades  Erin Smith  H001-LEC 1799
MGT 482 Small Business Consulting  Curtis Matherne  H001-LEC 7836
SOC 405  Nonprofits and Social Change  Ann Marie Kinnell

H001-LEC 6528

H001-LEC 6529

SPE 400 Psychology and Education of Exceptional Children  Robert "Alex" Smith 

G001-LEC 5673

IDS 450 Practicum in Leadership  Staff

H001-PRA 7129

BSC 434 Dendrology  Michael Davis 

H001-LEC 7636

UNV 110 University Studies  Laura Malone 


SME 492 Informal Science Education  Maria Wallace 


SME 492 Informal Science Education  Rachel Gisewhite 


HTM 398 Event Operations  Wei Wang


PHI 356 Ethics  Sam Bruton 


ANT 429 Topics in Cultural Anthropology Allison Formanack 


CIR 306  Intro to Literacy  Dean Franks 


PSY 361  Research Methods  Aaron Fath


DAN 301  Intermediate Modern  Candice Salyers 



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