Global Connections


From sea to shining sea, The University of Southern Mississippi strives to serve as an educational beacon for prospective students and faculty across the globe.

Thriving international business programs provide opportunities to study and work abroad in a variety of exchange projects.

By forming partnerships that extend well beyond our national borders, Southern Miss has positioned itself as an important player on the global stage. 

Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation (CLTT)

The CLTT provides a competitive advantage to logistics and supply chain industry and government agencies through its multidisciplinary activities in Logistics, Trade and Transportation. Logistics, Trade and Transportation encompass the movement of goods and people (logistics) through the most efficient means (intermodal transportation) to achieve economic development (trade). The creation of the Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation is the result of an integrated effort of industry, government and The University of Southern Mississippi

The CLTT have an emphasis through the Americas, enhanced by memoranda of understanding between The University of Southern Mississippi and universities in Panama. Mississippi Gov. has called the creation of the CLTT a "great fit" with the planned expansions of the Panama Canal and the Mississippi State Port at Gulfport.

The impact of the activities hosted at the CLTT directly benefit industry and government agencies through its mission to:

Respond to the Gulf-region government and industry stakeholders’ need for the creation and dissemination of practical, cutting-edge, interdisciplinary knowledge and technologies to advance logistics, trade and transportation; foster economic development; and promote an integrated freight system within the Americas


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English Language Institute

Founded in 1947, the English Language Institute is one of the oldest intensive English programs in the United States.

The program is committed to providing students the necessary tools for admission to a university degree program. Skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking are critical to a successful entrance into the university community.

The curriculum is designed to develop communicative competence in writing and speaking – an emphasis reflected in the ELI Proficiency Battery, which includes a composition exam and an oral fluency exam.


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Panama Partnership

Educational, cultural and economic development exchange opportunities with Panama emerged following a visit to the thriving Central American nation in 2009 by Southern Miss President Martha Saunders and other university representatives and supporters.

Memorandums of understanding with Panamanian university administrators during this visit led to the creation of the Panama Study-Abroad program, which launched in the summer of 2010 and provided important learning opportunities for Southern Miss students studying construction management and hospitality management.