Health & Wellness


The significance of a healthy mind and body should never be overlooked or underestimated. 

At Southern Miss many directives and programs are in place to foster healthy lifestyle choices for residents of Hattiesburg and surrounding communities.

Environmental awareness and protection maintain priority status through a series of “green” initiatives, while health issues that affect individuals, as well as families, merit equal consideration.

Child Development

The Center for Child Development provides interactive experiences for students majoring in child and family studies through access to its full-day child care program for children ages 8 weeks to 5 years.

The programs for child participants are designed to enhance the development of the whole child through the implementation of an experiential, comprehensive, child-centered curriculum. Quality programming is achieved through the initiation of developmentally effective activities and positive child guidance techniques.



The Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic provides a full range of psychological services, including individual and couples counseling, psychological assessment, psychoeducational workshops and outreach.
Our specialty programs in anger management, brief alcohol screening and intervention, career counseling and parenting permit our clients to receive the in latest evidence-based treatments at affordable rates.

The clinic is a service, training and research center of the counseling psychology graduate programs in the Department of Psychology.


Family Therapy

The Clinic for Family Therapy provides assistance to individuals, couples and families experiencing a wide range of personal or relationship issues.

A treatment approach is stressed in which individual growth and development is best understood and promoted within the context of family and community relationships. The clinic allows students to develop clinical skills working with individuals, groups, couples and families in a closely supervised environment.


Health Education

Operating under the Department of Community Health Sciences at Southern Miss, the Southern Mississippi Health Education Center is one of four in the state.

The center focuses on the elimination of health care disparities and increasing the availability, acceptability and access of quality health care for all medically underserved populations and those living in areas identified as having a shortage of health professionals. 

The center also seeks to optimize the awareness and prevention of disease, to promote health outcomes for all and to enhance the view of health care as important for economic growth and development.


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H.U.B. City Steps program

This unique program is a collaborative venture between the city of Hattiesburg and the Department of Nutrition and Food Systems at Southern Miss.

The project, funded by a $2 million National Institutes of Health grant, is designed to promote and engage Hattiesburg area residents in physical activity and healthy food choices.

Forming community partnership and social networks, the program focuses on preventing hypertension by involving residents in regular walking activities.


Payne Center

This one-of-a-kind wellness facility features spaces that support a comprehensive recreation and fitness program for the entire university community.

For the workout and sports enthusiast, the Payne Center offers:

  • a workout room fully equipped with circuit training equipment, Stairmasters, EFX machines, CyclePlus and more
  • free weight room
  • group exercise classes
  • racquetball and squash courts
  • a gym that contains six badminton courts, four volleyball courts and four basketball courts

No matter what the season, the Payne Center features an indoor swimming pool, locker rooms complete with sauna, hair dryers and other amenities. 


Psychology Clinic

The Psychology Clinic at Southern Miss operates year-round, with the exception of academic breaks and holidays, and provides assessment, therapy and consultation services to a wide range of adults and children.

The clinical faculty provide close one-on-one and group supervision of students’ caseloads through video and audiotapes of therapy and assessment.

The clinic also provides psychiatric consultation and medication through a board-certified consulting psychiatrist.


Speech and Hearing

Under the supervision of certified faculty and staff at the Speech and Hearing Clinic, students observe and participate in the assessment and management of child and adult patients from Hattiesburg and surrounding communities. 

Audiology services include:

  • aural rehabilitation
  • ear molds
  • consultations
  • hearing and auditory processing evaluations and hearing screenings

Speech-language services are related to the following:

  • accent reduction
  • articulation
  • autism
  • cerebral palsy
  • cleft palate
  • stroke
  • laryngectomy

The clinic is a service of the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences.


Sustainable Health Outreach

Families facing the greatest health risks are often those who are least likely to be appropriately served by the health care system.

The Center for Sustainable Health Outreach believes community health workers are an important answer to this problem by working within the value systems of the community.

The center provides training for these workers who provide cultural, linguistic and otherwise appropriate outreach, prevention, intervention and treatment services. 



With a keen eye on changing the culture of recycling in Mississippi, the Office of Sustainability was created in 2008.

A steady stream of “green” initiatives has led to state and national recognition:

  • In February 2010 the Mississippi Recycling Coalition presented Southern Miss with the 2009 Educational Institution Recycler of the Year award.
  • In April Southern Miss made the Princeton Review’s elite list of 286 Green Colleges, the only Mississippi institution of higher learning to receive that honor.

At Southern Miss more than 4,000 recycling bins are placed in classrooms, offices and dorms throughout the entire campus.