Public Safety

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At The University of Southern Mississippi, we recognize the profound importance citizens everywhere place on safety for themselves, their friends and families.

Innovative research and training are being conducted through a number of programs such as the Southern Regional Public Safety Institute and the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security.

Exploring ways to make our communities safer has been, and always will be, a top priority at Southern Miss.

Forensic Science

Forensic Science Laboratory

The lab offers services to local law enforcement agencies and works in cooperation with state agencies, providing DNA testing as well as toxicology alcohol/drug testing.

A $2 million grant from the Department of Justice helped create the lab. 

The lab also serves as ia forensic science teaching environment. Southern Miss currently offers Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in forensic science. 


International Forensic Science Academy

The academy is a seven-week training program held in cooperation with the Southern Miss forensic science program and the Southern Regional Public Safety Institute.

Training focuses on crime scene investigation, training in evidence collection and improvement of court testimony. The academy features forensic science instructors certified through the International Association for Identification who have taught in the United States and around the world.


Data Management and Analysis

Mississippi Statistics Analysis Center

The Mississippi Statistical Analysis Center’s mission is to provide sound statistical information in an effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the state’s criminal justice system.

The Center is located within the School of Criminal Justice at Southern Miss. It was created by executive order of then-Gov. Ronnie Musgrove in 2000. 


Safety Training

The Southern Regional Public Safety Institute (SRPSI) is a multi-function safety training facility located at Camp Shelby, an Army National Guard training center just south of Hattiesburg. 

The institute’s mission is to provide up-to-date professional training through a nine-week (440 hours) basic academy, as well as to offer in-service or advanced training across the broad spectrum of public safety areas to officers from all over the southern United States.


Spectator Sports Safety and Security

Established in 2006, The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security was created to provide an interdisciplinary academic environment to:

  • further increase sports security awareness
  • improve sports security policies and procedures
  • enhance emergency response through evacuation, recovery operations and crowd management training

The Center also houses the National Sports Security Laboratory, where best practices in security are designed and tested.