About The Compliance and Ethics Program


What is the University's Compliance and Ethics Program?

  • In support of its mission and core values, The University of Southern Mississippi is committed to conducting its activities with the highest integrity and ethical standards, and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, and University policies.
  • However, because the legal and regulatory environment is so complex, it can often be difficult to determine the right course of action. The Compliance and Ethics Office provides resources to use in our daily activities to help determine the right course of action and meet our ethical and legal obligations when acting on behalf of the University.
  • The Program is administered by the Director of Compliance and Ethics, who is tasked with building an effective compliance program based on the approach detailed below.



Building an effective Compliance program requires the program to be integrated into the organization’s culture through each of the following:

  • Partnership

  • Functioning as a partner with the USM administration, staff and faculty provides for a comprehensive approach that creates an environment conducive to achieving compliance long-term; and
  • Alignment

  • Existing alongside the University’s other aims as a comprehensive foundation supporting the organization’s long-term success, the Compliance program specifically aligns with the USM mission of:
  • Producing engaged graduates;
  • Advancing excellence in education and research programs and providing a direct benefit to the surrounding community;
  • Meeting financial, operational and strategic goals;
  • Ensuring compliance with associated laws, regulations,rules, and policies;
  • Increasing awareness of the risks and consequences associated with failing to comply; and
  • Operating with the highest standards of honesty and integrity.



In support of successfully building an effective compliance program, the Office of Compliance and Ethics has established the following primary goals.

In order to measure the degree of success it achieves in meeting those goals, the compliance program has set the primary goals of:  

  • Increasing awareness of personal obligations and ethical considerations to assure that every  employee is aware of his or her duty and responsibility to establish and sustain a culture of compliance; and
  •  Ensuring that all USM activities are consistently conducted with integrity by performing continuous assessments aimed at determining the effectiveness of compliance efforts short-term and improving such efforts long-term.