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Learn about the new Academic Integrity Policy, the new XF grade and what constitutes an academic integrity violation at USM.

View the Provost's site- Academic Integrity Policy and Reporting

Deadline: By the 32nd day of the semester.   See the Academic Calendar if needed. 


  • Completing The Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure (which must be completed by all full-time faculty members) and
  • Learning About USM’s Financial Conflict of Interest Policy (Available Upon Request)

Additional Information about FCOI Compliance:

Review the FCOI  webpage.

Requesting Access to FCOI Disclosure at USM course:

Complete the form: Request for Access to FCOI Disclosure at USM course


MINORS ON CAMPUS TRAINING- Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention course

Authorized Adults/Program Staff must complete training relative to child abuse.  Until 2/27/18 at 11:59 p.m., training can be obtained by completing the WorkPlace Answers Child Abuse Awareness class. However, the course is listed as optional on every individual's myTraining.  After 2/28/01 at 12:00 a.m., training must be obtained through other means.  Please contact with any questions or for a list of options for obtaining training.

Need a list of all the compliance courses and who is required to complete them.   Download the List of courses.

 See the Online Training Information page for course descriptions.