Mission of the Office of Ethics and Compliance

Mission Statement

“The University of Southern Mississippi endeavors to fulfill all of its responsibilities to the people of the State of Mississippi in an environment based upon ethical behavior and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and rules.”  

Related to this mission, two primary goals of the program have been developed:

    • Providing assurance that all employees, faculty and staff, are aware of their duties and responsibilities in establishing and sustaining that environment; and
    • Providing a mechanism for continuously assessing the effectiveness of that environment in assuring that all Southern Miss activities are conducted with integrity.

To assist the mission, we will partner with the Southern Miss administration, staff and faculty to develop and sustain a comprehensive compliance program that:

    • Supports the University in fulfilling its mission to produce engaged graduates, advance excellent educational and research programs and directly benefit the surrounding communities;
    • Supports the University in achieving its financial, operational and strategic goals while maintaining compliance with associated laws, regulations, rules and policies;
    • Builds compliance and risk awareness into the daily activities of the University; and
    • Encourages all employees to conduct University business with the highest standards of honesty and integrity.