Office of Compliance and Ethics

The University of Southern Mississippi has established the Office of Compliance and Ethics within the Office of the General Counsel.

This office coordinates USM’s numerous existing compliance efforts and provides senior leadership with a comprehensive view of the University’s compliance activities.

It also manages the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process.

The Office of University Compliance and Ethics does not assume the duties of the various substantive compliance areas, and all ongoing compliance activities continue in their existing reporting structures. Rather, this office’s role is to coordinate these efforts and assess University-wide performance.


Mission of the Office of Compliance and Ethics

The mission of the Office of Compliance and Ethics  is to assist the University in creating an environment in which community members consistently exercise ethical behavior conducive to achieving and maintaining compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and rules.


The University of Southern Mississippi Compliance Program

The University is committed to operating with integrity in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.
Throughout the University, there are many talented people and substantial resources dedicated to achieving this end.

Additional information is available within the "Program" section of this website.



Submitting Compliance Reports

A list of the reports required to remain in compliance can be accessed on the Compliance Reporting Calendar


Reporting Ethical Concerns

  • Reporting Suspected Ethical Violations- If you suspect a potential violation of law or University policy report your concerns to your supervisor, to the University personnel responsible for your area of concern (see the Code of Conduct, Appendix A “Where do I go with a concern?”), or to the Director of Compliance and Ethics. If you are uncomfortable using these normal administrative channels, use the University Hotline to report your concerns anonymously.
  • Anonymous Reporting of Potential Ethics Violations-Can be done using Ethics Point either by phone or using their online reporting system as indicated below:
  • The Hotline is available toll free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (877) 310-0424, or

All good faith reports may be made free from fear or retribution per the University's Non-Retaliation Policy.


Reporting Issues or Concerns

Maxient Conduct Reporting System - The University has implemented the Maxient Conduct Reporting System to facilitate reporting of issues both academic and non-academic in nature including, but not limited to, CARES, Academic Integrity, Sexual Misconduct and Campus Security Reporting:

    • REPORT AN ISSUE: If you are seeking to report an issue of concern, please access the Campus Action Referral Evaluation System (CARES) page to obtain additional information about the forms available for reporting.

    • LOG IN: If you are an administrator responsible for processing incident reports submitted through the Maxient system, click here to log into Maxient using your wempl/Campus ID and network login.   

The University does not tolerate retaliation against individuals who report compliance concerns in good faith.

Compliance Education

Online Compliance Awareness Training: This mandatory training provides an introduction to common compliance risks, and provides greater detail regarding the issues surrounding various legal obligations of the University community. To find out more about compliance training, email the Office of Compliance and Ethics.