Professional Licensing

Professional Licensing Boards

  • Requirements for licensure vary from one profession to another and from state to state.

  • Each state has professional licensing boards in place to regulate the criteria that need to be met to qualify for licensure within a state.

  • Many careers require you to meet specific licensing, training as well as other requirements.

  • To assist you in identifying the contact persons for each state, please review the state licensing boards page, where board websites are listed by profession.


Student Obligations Relative to Licensure

  • Students intending to practice a licensed profession outside of Mississippi who plan to enroll in any University of Southern Mississippi education course(s), degree and/or certificate program leading to advanced licensure need to understand that the state that they are going to be working in will likely have specific requirements in terms of additional courses that are needed to become licensed in their state.

  • Students are encouraged to contact the state licensing board to ensure that the program which they intend to choose meets all the eligibility requirements for certification or licensure.

  • If you need assistance in identifying what the requirements are for obtaining a professional license in another state, please email

Background Checks:

  • Students who are pursuing degrees related to professional licensure or certification, and/or who will be participating in clinical placements, internships, or practica through their degree program should be aware that their host facility may require any or all of the following:
    • criminal background check
    • fingerprinting or
    • drug screening
  • In such situations, each student is responsible for obtaining and paying for the background check or other screening process and for delivering required documentation to the facility.
  • Although the University will make reasonable efforts to place admitted students in field experiences and internships, it will be up to the host facility to determine whether a student will be allowed to work at that facility. 
  • Students should further be aware that a criminal record may jeopardize licensure by the state certification body.
  • Students may consult the certification body corresponding to their intended occupation for more details.
  • Successful completion of a program of study at the University of Southern Mississippi does not guarantee licensure, certification or employment in the relevant occupation.

Assistance with Determining Professional Licensing Board Requirements

Please fill out the Professional Licensure Inquiry FormProfessional Licensure Inquiry Form.

For other questions, please contact professional licensure.


Accuracy of Information on Page:

  • Although the University of Southern Mississippi has attempted to ensure that the information contained on this website is accurate and complete at the time of posting, the contents are subject to change at any time. 
  • The University will update information as obtained.



For questions regarding professional licensure, please email professional licensure.