A number of resources are available regarding policies, laws, and regulations that govern the University. A sampling of those available are listed below.



  • Director of Compliance and Ethics- The Office of University Compliance and Ethics website serves as a centralized location for links to select policies, compliance training, and other resources that assist the University in achieving and maintaining compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and rules.
  • Employee Handbook  The Employee Handbook provides essential information about policies and procedures affecting employment of all faculty and staff including benefits, pay practices, rules, discipline and grievance procedures.
  • Office of the Provost -The Office of the Provost’s website serves as an important resource for faculty and staff by providing documentation on policies and procedures, information on the academic reorganization, awards, endowments, promotion, and tenure review.  In addition, the site allows students to review guidelines on academic appeals and grievances along with instructions on the proper procedures.
  • Information Technology Services .The iTech website is the starting point to obtain IT help.  It contains the current status of IT systems, descriptions of services offered, links to training material, and policies and procedures regarding the use and security of computer systems, networks and information resources. .
  • Office of the Vice President for Research - This site gives practical guidance to faculty and administrative staff of the University of Southern Mississippi in the management of sponsored projects funded by both the government and private organizations.
  • Office of Research Administration -This site gives practical guidance to faculty and administrative staff of the University of Southern Mississippi in the management of sponsored projects funded by both the government and private organizations.  
  • Vice President for Student Affairs -The VP of Student Affairs hold supervisory responsibility for a wide range of activities, programs and services including, residence life, health services, Greek Life, disability accommodations, student conduct, multicultural programs counseling service, recreational sports, union complex, university police department, dean of students, community engagement, leadership, student involvement, and programs and services that promote student welfare and development. 
  • Vice President for Finance and AdministrationThe duties of the VP of Finance & Administration include management of the University’s financial operations, facilities planning and management, human resources, iTech, parking management, procurement, bookstore and dining services operations.



  • Online Reference Tools - The Compliance and Ethics Website and the General Counsel Website both provide directories of laws and supporting materials organized by subject area and job title. Use these resources to identify the laws and regulations for which your department or unit is responsible.
  • Code of Conduct - The Code is the foundation of the Compliance and Ethics Program, and embodies senior management’s expectation that we all act ethically and in compliance with applicable laws and policies in all our activities on behalf of the University. See

  • University Policies - Policies provide guidance for specific activities and transactions so that we act in accordance with applicable laws, and in a way that supports the mission and core values of the University. See



  • Reporting Suspected Ethical Violations- If you suspect a potential violation of law or University policy report your concerns to your supervisor, to the University personnel responsible for your area of concern (see the Code of Conduct, Appendix A “Where do I go with a concern?”), or to the Director of Compliance and Ethics. If you are uncomfortable using these normal administrative channels, use the University Hotline to report your concerns anonymously.
  • Anonymous Reporting of Potential Ethics Violations-Can be done using Ethics Point either by phone or using their online reporting system as indicated below:
  • The Hotline is available toll free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (877) 310-0424, or

All good faith reports may be made free from fear or retribution per the University's Non-Retaliation Policy.


  • Maxient Conduct Reporting System - The University has implemented the Maxient Conduct Reporting System to facilitate reporting of a variety of issues of concern both academic and non-academic in nature including, but not limited to, sexual misconduct, campus security reporting, academic integrity, and problems as well as issues of concern.  Please select one of the following options to either report or process a reported issue: