State Authorization


  • Please review the authorization status page for information concerning the University of Southern Mississippi’s compliance with this regulation and to obtain the contact information for the appropriate agency in the state where you reside.
  • For information on licensing, see the professional licensing page.
  • USM is working to comply with the various requirements and will continually update the State Authorization pages as information is received.


  • In order to provide education to students residing in other states, higher education institutions must comply with the laws and regulations of the states. 
  • These laws require a state providing distance education, which includes both online as well as supervised field experiences (i.e. clinicals, internships, externships, practicums) in other states, to obtain authorization in order to provide such education in another state.
  • In addition to authorization within each state, an institution must also check with the state professional licensing boards to see if the online program being offered leads to licensure or if the student must complete other requirements before becoming licensed.
  • For additional information regarding licensure, please see the Licensure page.
  • For additional information regarding internships, please see the Supervised Field Experiences
  • Each state has specific laws and regulations that dictate whether or not the institution providing online education is eligible for an exemption from becoming authorized based on one of the following:
          • not triggering a physical presence or
          • being a member of a reciprocity agreement (such as NC-SARA) that gives the institution the right to provide online education to students within other member states.