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Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering

Electronics Engineering Technology Research


The research program and laboratories offer opportunities for students desiring to learn about the field of electronics, computers, and other areas of engineering and technology. With access to an active research program, students are presented with a wealth of opportunity in terms of undergraduate research and future graduate research and study.


Active Research Laboratories


Instrumentation and Cryogenics Research Laboratory


The I-C-R-L houses applied research and development activities in many areas. Capabilities include instrumentation development, materials testing, control systems implementation and automation, sensor development including acoustical and thin films.




The lab has 250 gal re-circulating constant pressure, constant flow water system which can be used for flow meter calibration. This system is also cryogenic rated and can handle cryogenic fluids as well with full process variable measurement and control. Other capabilities include FPGA systems, circuit development, low/ high temperature, high voltage, mechanical shock and impact, computational fluid dynamics, 10,000 lb precision weight measurement and more.

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