Minor in Automation Engineering

Minor in Automation Engineering


New Minor in the School of Computing

Automation Engineering is unique, and merges the fundamentals of electrical, electronic, mechanical, environmental, computer, information and instrumentation science, engineering, technology, and related applications. The minor introduces students to green engineering and prepares students for automation related careers in process control, manufacturing, computerized hardware/software integration, and sustainable automated systems. The minor requires an undergraduate research component that allows the student to engage in actual research related to automation within the research laboratory.

The requirements for a minor in Automation Engineering require a total of 18 hours as follows:

230/L Instrumentation Lab 2 hrs
396 Engineering Laboratory Internship 3 hrs
499 Undergraduate Research 3 hrs
316 Digital Communication Systems 3 hrs
477/L Control Systems/Lab 4 hrs
478/L Digital Control Systems/Lab 3 hrs

Contact Dr. Randy Buchanan for more information at randy.buchanan@usm.edu.