Welcome to the Electronics Engineering Technology Program

The Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) program area offers opportunities for students desiring to learn about the field of electronics, computers, and other areas of engineering and technology. With access to an active research program, students are presented with a wealth of opportunity in terms of undergraduate research and future graduate research and study.


Important Attributes of Program:

  • Excellent employment opportunities for graduates of the program
  • Respected analytical track with high level of math, science, and engineering
  • High level of laboratory experience
  • Opportunities exist such as laboratory and industrial internships and undergraduate research
  • Graduates of the program are prepared for industry or graduate school
  • The program is accredited
  • The program is not only about electronics, but also other electrical engineering areas such as electrical power, communication systems, electromagnetics, control systems, and instrumentation.

Please peruse our website and discover all the opportunities available.

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