Consistency with Values

Recent survey responses indicate our alumni in all program areas are more than satisfied with their degree in the areas of critical thinking, teamwork, communication skills, design process, ethics, modern techniques, professionalism, diversity, lifelong learning and preparation (ETAC-ABET accreditation self-studies 2009).  The School of Construction (SoC) is responsive to Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) priorities in a number of ways:

    • Our programs educate a reentering workforce,
    • Our department consolidates administration efficiently managing 7 initiatives with over 500 majors and operates in the black,
    • Our programs have substantial industry support to supplement state resources, and
    • Our programs have taken innovative approaches to curriculum delivery.

In 2007, the Construction Engineering Technology program received approval to be delivered fully online; (the University’s and the nation’s only accredited Bachelor of Science degree in construction management fully online). In 2009, the program won an eLearning Initiative grant from Blackboard to improve the quality and support IHL priorities.