Course Descriptions & Syllabi for Evaluations

Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC)

AEC 132 - Architectural Graphics - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Corequisite(s): AEC 132L. Introduction to the fundamental principles and techniques used to graphically represent architectural content and ideas.

AEC 270 - Statics and Strengths of Materials - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Prerequisite(s): MAT 101, MAT 103. Study of two-dimensional forces, force equilibrium, stresses, strains, beams and columns.

AEC 316 - Electrical Systems - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Prerequisite(s): AEC 132/AEC 132L. Design, installation and performance of electrical systems for residential and commercial buildings.  

AEC 390 - Engineering Economics - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Prerequisite(s): MAT 101 Aspects of investment analysis relating to equipment justification, retirement, and replacement in industry.

Industrial Engineering Technology (IET)

IET 302 - Industrial Quality Control - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Prerequisite(s): PSY 360. The use of basic quality control tools such as control charts, acceptance sampling and tolerances to test and improve product quality.

IET 350 - Industrial Cost Control - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Analysis of individual cost components that impact the total cost of manufacturing goods or services. Demonstration of different cost control techniques.

IET 370 - Operations and Logistics Concepts - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Principles of logistics and the design of systems for supportability from a total system perspective. Introduction of optimization problem solving tools.

IET 400 - Senior Project - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Fee A special fee is charged for this course. (See Special Fees listing in Student Expenses section.) (All labs are subject to a usage fee.)
Prerequisite(s): Senior standing and approval of faculty adviser. Student required to complete capstone project in his or her area of specialization

IET 405 - Production and Inventory Control - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Principles of production and inventory planning and control. Forecasting techniques, EOQ, MRP, production scheduling, line balancing, CPM/PERT.

IET 406 - Industrial Automation - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Automated manufacturing systems with special emphasis on robotics. Justification of automation, trade off analysis, cost of automation.

IET 409 - Plant Layout and Material Handling - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Effectiveness of plant layout and material handling to the production activity, involving personnel, materials, tools and equipment.

IET 410 - Motion and Time Study - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Methods improvement using time study and predetermined motion times.

IET 413 - Lean Production Systems - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

The basic principles and concepts of lean manufacturing and the strategic and tactical elements of lean production systems.

IET 414 - Engineering Project Management - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Project management methodologies and best practices for various engineering project functions.

IET 470 - Logistics Transportation Systems - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Prerequisite(s): IET 370. The analysis, design and implementation of domestic and international transportation systems of people, processes and technology.

IET 471 - Logistics Distribution Systems - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Prerequisite(s): IET 370. Distribution, warehousing, process design and material handling in the extended enterprise.

IET 472 - Global Supply Chain Management - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Concepts, techniques and issues important in managing and coordinating global supply chain operations.

IET 480 - Industrial Simulation and Modeling - 3 hrs. - Syllabus

Prerequisite(s): PSY 360. Analysis of manufacturing and service operations encountered in industry using computer simulation techniques.