ID Scholarship & Awards

  • Haworth Award for Excellence in Interior Design

2014: Elizabeth Curtis, Haley Straub, Amy Varner
2013: Caroline McCall
2012: Katrina Rutledge
2011: Haleigh Smith
2010: Amanda Campbell and Kristi Wittmann
2009: Ali Richoux and Mandi Jeukens
2008: Katie Burnett, Latrina Hughes and Rachael Shannon
2007: Ana Overstreet and Suzanne Nyers
2006: William Duffee-Braun, Gracen McMillan, Marci Robinson and Kristen Weeks

  • Anderson Retail Annual Scholarship

2015:  Alisca Clouse
2014:  Jamie Jelinski
2013:  Anna Fleming
2012:  Caroline McCall
2010:  Haleigh  Smith
2009:  Emily Dobbe
2008:  Andrew Butler
2007:  Nicole Smith
2005:  William Dufee-Braun

  • James Isola Interior Design Scholarship

2015: Jamie Jelinski
2014: Anna Fleming
2013: Susan Phillips
2012: Russell Pierce

  • NKBA Scholarship

2013: Sarah Babin
2012: Jessica Brown
2010: Deanna Hardy
2009: Stephanie Cate Randall
2008: Matt Haskins



The Interior Design Program offers the Haworth Award for Excellence in Interior Design to promising seniors planning to practice in commercial design. Advisory Board members have selected and presented this award valued at $1,000 per student to more than 16 students since 2005. Applications are accepted during the Fall and awarded in the Spring semester during the Interior Design Annual Award Ceremony.

This award, established by Troy Andrews, the former regional sales representative for Haworth, Inc. and was funded annually through contributions of 1% of the yearly Haworth State of Mississippi Contract Furniture sales. Since inception, the Interior Design Program has received donations exceeding $42,000.

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In addition to the Haworth Award for Excellence, students have multiple opportunities for departmental scholarships in the spring each year through the submission of a portfolio. Applications will be made available during the semester. For more information, contact the School of Construction 601-266-4895.