Opportunity Analysis of the Department

The most innovative opportunity within School of Construction (SoC) has been the development of the online delivery of the curriculum.  The Construction Engineering Technology (BCT) and Industrial Engineering Technology (IET) programs are fully online. BCT is now the ONLY ACCREDITED ONLINE construction management bachelor degree program in the nation (accredited by both ETAC-ABET and ACCE approved).   The SoC received an eLearning Initiative grant from Blackboard for improvement of the online curriculum.

All undergraduate programs in SoC are nationally accredited; BCT and Interior Design are dually accredited.  We are reviewing accreditation of our graduate initiative as well.

The Architecture and Construction Engineering Technology programs have enjoyed many opportunities to collaborate in cross-discipline educational experiences; last year Interior Design was relocated to SoC and this provides even more opportunity for collaboration in a variety of courses.

in fall 2010 the new Master of Science in Logistics, Trade and Transportation was approved in collaboration with units from four other colleges.  This initiative was an industry driven expansion of the IET Logistics Management and Technology MS degree which also led to the approval of a new Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation.  Both of these efforts are intercollegiate and will lead to greatly enhanced connections for USM throughout the Gulf South region and Central and South America.