Partnership Industry Network (PIN)

The Partnership Industry Network (PIN) program aims to foster cooperation between University of Southern Mississippi (USM) IET faculty and students and local businesses. IET and MSLTT students involved in the program will have the opportunity to interact directly with businesses and other organizations working in the field of industrial logistics by providing them with internship opportunities as well as facilities tours, industry visits, access to professional logistics data, professional mentorships and opportunities for research and real-world logistics problem solving. In addition, businesses gain the opportunity to directly influence the training and skill set of possible future hires and students gain the chance to have a relationship with potential employers.

This program was started in 2015 by Dr. MD Sarder.

  • Students interested in the program must either be enrolled in the USM IET baccalaureate program or the Logistics, Trade, and Transportation Masters of Science program.
  • Students must be willing to work a certain number of hours a week in an internship program with a participating company. Hours and details of this work are to be determined with the company.
  • Companies participating in the program can allow for interns specifically in the field of Industrial Logistics. Companies can also allow for facilities tours with faculty and staff as well as data access for research projects. Logistics professionals already employed by participating companies can voluntarily enroll in a professional mentorship program with a participating student in order to better help the student gain firsthand knowledge of the real world relevancy of Industrial Technology and Logistics work. Companies will also receive first access to IET and MSLTT graduates for hiring purposes.
  • All businesses and organizations in the PIN are initially contacted by phone or email and then asked to discuss the procedures for the program. All participating businesses and USM students participate voluntarily at no cost to them. Enrollment in the program is in effect once the Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by both parties. Information on the services of the program and how to utilize them can be found on the USM School of Construction’s webpage.