Monthly Detail Reports for January 2017 are Available

SOARFIN users who have attended training to view budget activity may now access monthly detail reports for January 2017 by logging into SOARFIN and following the instructions located on the Controller's website. Please note that budget period equals fiscal year, not calendar year, on the chartfield data entry page. Please enter 2017 as budget period.

Listed below are points of contact. These individuals may answer some of your questions, but some questions may be directed to other employees.

Questions concerning retrieving and viewing the monthly detail report or the departmental deposit report, including any SOARFIN training issues: Melissa Bastine, Controller's Office, at 601.266.6677 or by email

Questions concerning General, Auxiliary, and Designated Fund Codes – 10X10, 12X10, 13X10, and 14XXX: Agustina Pesci, Office of Fiscal Planning and Analysis, at 601.266.6755 or by email

Questions concerning Restricted Fund Codes – 16XXX: Heather Richey, Office of Research Administration, at 601.266.4119 or by email

Questions concerning USM Gulf Park Fund Codes – XXGXX: Sara Byrd at 228.214.3287 or by email

Questions concerning USM Gulf Coast Research Lab Fund Codes – XXLXX: Kelly Rooney at 228.872.4230 or by email

Questions concerning Agency Fund Codes – 50XXX: Melissa Bastine, Controller’s Office, at 601.266.6677 or by email    


Non-Exempt Employees
Check out our updated tools and resources for non-exempt employees:

USM EagleVision View-Only

The navigation for Eaglevision is now Main Menu > USM Procedures > USM Eaglevision View-Only

EagleVision is a tool in SoarFin used to review budget string information including budget name, fund code, department ID, program code, project ID, signature authorities, and box number.

As a result of the elimination of HR Department numbers, the Office of the Controller made slight changes to the EagleVision page. The page has a new path and name, and also has a new look. The chart field values contained in budget strings (fund code, department, program code, and/or project ID) should be used in the search criteria rather than HR Department numbers. Please continue to change the search criteria field from “begins” to “contains” when searching by signature authority name or empl ID.

For designated funds only, use all zeros for the program code or leave the field blank in the search field. The program code assigned to designated fund budgets to be used on all revenue/expense transactions is located in the bottom-right corner of the search results page.

Updated training documents on navigating and using Eaglevision can be found at

Electronic W-2s Offered
The Office of the Controller, Payroll, would like to remind employees of the electronic option for W-2s.

To take advantage of this option, employees need to access SOAR and consent to receive their W-2 form electronically. Upon signing into SOAR, go to Self Service>USM HR/Payroll Self Service>W-2/W-2-c Consent and click on the link. Once you check to indicate your consent and click submit, you will be asked to enter your SOAR password and click continue. An email will then be sent to the email address on file in SOAR that the submission was successful. Should you decide to withdraw consent, the same steps apply as above to withdraw consent.

Employees have the ability to view and print their W-2 form on demand through SOAR. Upon signing into SOAR, go to Self-Service>USM HR/Payroll Self Service>View W-2/W-2c Forms and click on the link Year End Form for the applicable year and print.

For those employees who do not have regular access to a computer, but who want to sign up to receive electronic W-2s, several locations across campus provide access to SOAR. These locations include:

  • McLemore Hall, third-floor lobby, view only, no print option 
  • Cook Library 
  • Physical Plant, Administration 
  • Where you normally view/print your paycheck data. 

If you have consented to electronic W-2 and are unable to access your W-2 to print, you can contact Payroll at 601.266.4084 or send an email to requesting one be printed for you. You will still have a consent status until you withdraw it through SOAR as outlined above.

NOTE: Any new consent or withdrawal of consent entered after January 8, 2017, will be in effect beginning for the 2017 tax year.