Budget Reports

Monthly Detail Reports (MDRs) are available after the close of each accounting period (month) to all users who have access to view budgets in SOARFIN. These reports provide detailed information regarding initial allocations per budget category, revenues, encumbrances (purchase orders), expenditures and remaining spending authority. There is also a secondary summarized report for General (10xxx), Auxiliary (12xxx or 13xxx) and Restricted (16xxx) fund budgets. These reports should be used as a tool to assist in the reconciliation of university budgets by a signature authority or departmental designee.


In the SOARFIN menu, all reports are listed under "USM Procedures"

  • General and Auxiliary Fund Budgets:

FUND CODE like 10XXX or 12XXX --


        MDR_General/Auxiliary – Summary

        Enter:  Fund, Dept & Program 

  • Designated Course Fees, Development and Agency Fund Budgets:

FUND CODE like 14X10, 14X20 or 50X10 –

        MDR_Designated and Agency Funds


                For 14X10 & 14X20: Fund Code, Dept ID & Pgm = 00000

                For 50X10:  Fund Code, Dept ID & Program 

  • Designated Lucas Endowments and Special Project Budgets:

FUND CODE like 14X30 or 14X40 –

        MDR_Projects and Grants_Detail

        Enter:  Project ID 

  • Restricted Funds:

FUND CODE like 16XXX –

        MDR_Projects and Grants_Detail

        MDR_GRxxxxx Grants – Summary

        Enter:  Project ID

  • ITech Projects:

Projects Like ITXXXXX –

        MDR Itech Projects

        Enter:  Project ID 

  • Study Abroad Program:

Study Abroad Programs

        Enter:  Program Code