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Office of the Controller

Financial Reporting Secured

Year End Summary reports are prepared for the IHL Board and internal management using the fund accounting format.

For prior year statements, please contact the Controller's Office.

Monthly Detail Reports (MDRs) are available after the close of each accounting period (month) to all users who have access to view budgets in SOARFIN. These reports provide detailed information regarding initial allocations per budget category, revenues, encumbrances (purchase orders), expenditures and remaining spending authority. There is also a secondary summarized report for General (10xxx), Auxiliary (12xxx or 13xxx) and Restricted (16xxx) fund budgets. These reports should be used as a tool to assist in the reconciliation of university budgets by a signature authority or departmental designee.

In the SOARFIN menu, all reports are listed under "USM Procedures"

General and Auxiliary Fund Budgets (FUND CODE like 10XXX or 12XXX):
Report Names: MDR_General&Auxiliary_Detail and MDR_General/Auxiliary – Summary
Enter: Fund, Dept & Program 

Designated Course Fees, Development, F&A Recovery and Agency Fund Budgets (FUND CODE like 14X10, 14X20, 14X25 or 50X10):
Report Name: MDR_Designated and Agency Funds
For 14X10 & 14X20, and 14X25: Fund Code, Dept ID & Program
For 50X10: Fund Code, Dept ID & Program 

Designated Lucas Endowments and Special Project Budgets (FUND CODE like 14X30 or 14X40):
Report Name: MDR_Projects and Grants_Detail
Enter: Project ID 

Restricted Funds (FUND CODE like 16XXX):
Report Name: MDR_Projects and Grants_Detail
MDR_GRxxxxx Grants – Summary
Enter: Project ID

ITech Projects (Projects Like ITXXXXX):
Report Name: MDR Itech Projects
Enter: Project ID 

Study Abroad Program:
Report Name: Study Abroad Programs
Enter: Program Code 


PeopleSoft is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system used by Southern Miss. The financials management module of PeopleSoft is internally referred to as SOARFIN. Chartfield is a SOARFIN term used to define the data elements that will constitute the University’s Chart of Accounts. Southern Miss uses eight chartfields in SOARFIN that comprise the Chart of Accounts (COA).

These Chartfields are: 

Business Unit (required field and is defaulted for all transactions)

The business unit is the legal business entity for which financial statements are reported at the end of a fiscal year.

Account (required field)

The account is defined as the natural classification of financial transactions used for recording and summarizing assets, liabilities, net assets, revenues or expenses. (e.g., travel, office supplies, salary, etc.).

For a complete list of account codes to use for Grant (Funds 16xxx) activity, click here: GRANT ACCOUNTS(.pdf)

For a complete list of account codes to use for Non Grant (Funds other than 16xxx) activity, click here: NON GRANT ACCOUNTS(.xls)

Fund (required field)

The fund is defined as a self-balancing group of chartfield strings, established for unique budgeting, funding, accounting (including external financial reporting), and operational requirements.

For a complete list of Fund codes click here: FUND(.pdf)

Department (required field)

A department is generally defined as an academic or administrative unit that has a common programmatic, operational, and fiscal (including budgetary) responsibility.

For a complete list of Department ID's click here: DEPARTMENT(.pdf)

Program (required field)

The program is defined as a group of common ongoing activities for which financial activity needs to be tracked and budgeted. These activities may occur within a single department or across multiple departments. Unique activities for which financial information needs to be tracked will also be accommodated here.

For a complete list of Program codes click here; PROGRAM(.pdf)

Project/Grant (optional field)

Optional field which is 7 characters in length and used for specific types of funds; used for activities that are temporary in duration and for which revenues and expenditures may be accumulated over more than one fiscal year.

PC Business Unit

Required field if project/grant chartfield is used in budget string.

For Funds 16xxx

PC Business Unit = USM01 

For all other Funds

PC Business Unit = USMPC


Required field if project/grant chartfield is used in budget string.

All Funds    Activity = 00000


  •     Not all chartfields are required for every transaction. 

  •     Minimum requirements for every transaction are Business Unit, Account, Fund, DeptID, and Program. 

  •     Each chartfield provides key information related to the transaction. 

  •     It is important that each chartfield capture a single concept related to the transaction. 

  •     The combination of chartfields make-up a “budget string” and will determine how transactions are posted to the University’s General Ledger.

Budget String Example:

Business Unit
PC Business Unit



All budget strings contain these Chartfields.


Always required for sponsored projects, designated fund special projects and capital projects.


Requesting New Chartfields

To request a new General Ledger/Budget chartfield (e.g. Account, Department),complete the Request for New Chartfield form. Mail the completed form to Financial Reporting Manager, Box 5143.


Summary/Purpose:  The names of all personnel to whom signature authority has been delegated to approve the expenditures should be on record in SOAR. Each authorized signer is responsible for reviewing disbursement or expenditure requests for compliance with The University of Southern Mississippi’s policies and procedures, as well as any applicable external agency requirements. The approval of a disbursement transaction is attestation or certification to the processing department (e.g. Controller’s Office or Procurement and Contract Services) that: 

  1. The transaction has a valid business purpose within the context of the department's purpose, which for a sponsored research project, includes compliance with grant restrictions or other provisions 
  2. The supporting documentation (preferably original) is sufficient for subsequent audit review, which includes compliance with tax reporting and withholding requirements such as reporting to the IRS of non-employee compensation 
  3. The information provided is accurate to the best of his or her knowledge, including adequate disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest
  4. The payment is for products/services already received except for items normally paid in advance such as subscriptions, maintenance contracts, individual book purchases, registration fees, airfares, or arrangements where documented significant economic advantages accrue to the University.


For changes in signature authority for NON GRANT budgets, please complete the Request for Signature Authority Change form. Return form to the Controller's Office, Box 5143, once all authorizing/approving signatures have been obtained.  

For changes in signature authority for GRANT budgets (FUND code beginning with 16), please contact Sponsored Program Administration.

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