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Office of the Controller

How to Make Sure Everyone in your Department Gets Paid

  • Our main goal in Payroll is to get everyone paid accurately and on time. To help with this, the person responsible for payroll within each department should complete the necessary paperwork accurately, on time, and coordinate the timing for all required signatures:  Budget Authority, Dean/Chair/Director, SPA, Graduate Studies, University Budget Office, Human Resources (HR)/Student Employment (SE). Be mindful of peak activity periods such as the start of each semester and make special efforts to allow extra time. 

  • For monthly paid employees, Personnel Action Forms (PAF’s) or equivalent hiring documents need to be turned into HR/SE by the 10th day of every month. After that, it is generally too late. For biweekly paid employees, PAF’s need to be turned into HR/SE the Monday before timesheets are due. Please remember the originating department is responsible for making sure all paperwork has made it through the proper channels to reach HR/SE. This gives HR/SE time to enter them before Payroll’s cutoff. 

  • For biweekly paid employees, meeting HR/SE deadlines ensures the employee’s name is preprinted on the Time and Attendance Report (T&A Report) for your department. If the employee’s name is not on the T&A Report, contact HR/SE to find out if he/she is an active employee. Do not write the person in unless they are active. When writing in an employee, you must include the employee ID number. HR/SE will not put someone in the system until all paperwork has been completed, including but not limited to tax forms and direct deposit information. Employees that are male and ages 18-26 must be registered with the Selective Service.

  • For monthly paid employees, meeting HR/SE deadlines will ensure they are in the system to be paid.       

  • If an employee is working two jobs concurrently, make sure he/she has been hired for both jobs through HR/SE. Monthly and Biweekly are recorded separately and cannot be combined on a biweekly timesheet. Therefore, you will be unable to submit a monthly employee’s request on a biweekly T&A Report.   

  • When an employee is not paid correctly or omitted during the normal payroll processing, a prior period adjustment (PPA) may be necessary. Payroll will include the PPA during the next pay period. If necessary, a special check may be written at either 65% of gross for faculty or staff and 80% of gross for students. Payroll does not encourage issuing special checks. The Special Check Request form must be completed and returned to the Payroll Department before the emergency check can be issued.  Remember a special check is for emergency situations only and the best action would be for the employee to wait until the next pay period.  Emergency checks can not be issued when payroll is being processed.

  • Stay on top of when grants expire and be sure to turn in a PAF well in advance. 

  • Employees need to make HR/SE aware of when to stop or make changes to their direct deposit information. If this does not happen, the deposit will be rejected by the bank and payroll must get confirmation from the bank before a replacement check can be issued. This process can take up to 3–5 business days depending on the bank. 

  • If you are responsible for submitting Payroll information and need to stay informed, the Payroll Manager sends out “Did You Know” emails periodically. If you are not receiving this correspondence, please email payrollFREEMississippi with a request to be added to the list.


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