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Office of the Controller

Information for Departments

  • Our main goal in Payroll is to get everyone paid accurately and on time. To help with this, the person responsible for payroll within each department should complete the necessary paperwork accurately, on time, and coordinate the timing for all required signatures: Budget Authority, Dean/Chair/Director, Graduate Studies, University Budget Office, Human Resources (HR).   Be mindful of peak activity periods such as the start of each semester and make special efforts to allow extra time.
  • For monthly paid employees, a Personnel Action Form (PAF) or the equivalent hiring document need to be turned into HR by the 10th day of every month. After that, it is generally too late. For biweekly paid employees, the PAF needs to be turned into HR the Monday before timesheets are due. If the PAF needs signatures from the OFPA or ORA, be sure it is sent to those areas prior to sending it to Human Resources. This gives HR time to enter them before Payroll’s cutoff.
  • For biweekly paid employees, meeting HR deadlines ensures the employee has a time entry page in SOARHR.  If the employee does not have a time entry page, they have not been entered into SOARHR by HR and cannot be paid.  HR will not put someone in the system until all paperwork has been completed, including but not limited to tax forms and direct deposit information. Employees that are male and ages 18-26 must be registered with the Selective Service.
  • For monthly paid employees, meeting HR deadlines will ensure they are in the system to be paid.
  • If an employee is working two jobs concurrently, make sure he/she has been hired for both jobs through HR. Monthly and Biweekly are recorded separately and cannot be combined on a biweekly timesheet. Therefore, you will be unable to submit a monthly employee’s request on a biweekly T&A page.
  • When an employee is not paid correctly or omitted during the normal payroll processing, a prior period adjustment (PPA) may be necessary. Payroll will include the PPA during the next pay period. If necessary, a special check may be written at either 65% of gross for faculty or staff and 80% of gross for students. Payroll does not encourage issuing special checks. The Special Check Request form must be completed and returned to the Payroll Department before the emergency check can be issued. Remember a special check is for emergency situations only and the best action would be for the employee to wait until the next pay period. Emergency checks can not be issued when payroll is being processed.
  • Stay on top of when grants expire and be sure to turn in a PAF well in advance.
  • Employees need to make HR aware of when to stop or make changes to their direct deposit information. If this does not happen, the deposit will be rejected by the bank and payroll must get confirmation from the bank before a replacement check can be issued. This process can take up to 3–5 business days depending on the bank.
  • If you are responsible for submitting Payroll information and need to stay informed, the Payroll Manager sends out “Did You Know” emails periodically. If you are not receiving this correspondence, please email payrollFREEMississippi with a request to be added to the list

Please view instructions for managers here.


601100 – Executive, Administrative and Managerial

601200 – Faculty

601300 – Professional Non-Faculty

601400 – Clerical and Secretarial

601500 – Technical and Paraprofessional

601600 – Skilled Craft

601700 – Service/Maintenance

601800 – Students


602100 – Executive, Administrative and Managerial

602200 – Faculty

602300 – Professional Non-Faculty

602400 – Clerical and Secretarial

602500 – Technical and Paraprofessional

602600 – Skilled Craft

602700 – Service Maintenance

602800 – Students


605180 – Stipends


603910 – Employer’s Retirement Contribution

603920 – Employer’s FICS Matching

603930 – Workers’ Compensation

603940 – Employer’s Health Insurance Contribution

603945 – Employer’s Graduate Health Insurance Contribution

603950 – Employer’s Group Life Insurance Matching

603970 – Mississippi Unemployment Taxes

Payroll Distribution Reports are available through SOARHR. The report can include both biweekly and monthly payroll information. It can be run by department for a range of time and will reflect earning dates, earnings amounts, total benefits and a component breakdown of those benefits by employee. The Payroll Distribution Report (PDR) will also include the general ledger account codes. There will actually be up to three sorts of the report available. One will be by name order, one by pay period end date, and the other by account code. In addition, the report is available in a CSV format that can be exported to Excel.  This report will aid departments in reconciling the salary, wage and fringe benefits budget categories to their Monthly Detail Report (MDR). 

You will be required to attend a training session in order to receive access to run the report. Training is available as part of the MDR training sessions. For training opportunities, login to SOAR > Self Service > USM Self Service > SOAR/SOARFIN Training. Select the course type of SOARFIN training. Once there, click on the Search button and select one of the GL com

*****click here to view the PDR Training document*****

Purpose of Special Check:

65% or 80%: Special checks for staff or faculty (regardless of full-time/part-time or permanent/temporary status) will be prepared at 65% of the amount owed. Special checks for students (regardless of graduate or undergraduate) will be prepared at 80% of the amount owed. The other 35% or 20% is reserved to cover taxes and/or deductions when the missing payment information is paid through a regularly scheduled payroll in SOARHR. Obviously, actual taxes and deductions vary by employee.

Click here to download the form

Fields on the Request Form:

All fields on the form are required to be completed before submitting to Payroll.

See the following for more information on each field.

Name: Name of employee for whom the request is being made.

Empl: ID# of employee for whom the request is being made.

• For monthly employee: Indicate dollar amount not paid to the employee that should have been paid in missed pay period.

• For biweekly employee: Indicate number of hours not paid to the employee that should have been paid, along with rate per hour for those hours.

• Pay Period End: Indicate last date of pay period for which check is being requested (for biweekly, see payroll schedule; for monthly, specify last day of month pay was missed).

• HR Dept: Indicate HR number of department to be charged.

• Staff/Faculty or Student: Check one of the two options; will dictate percent of gross pay to be used in preparing special check.

• Reason: Indicate reason employee not paid through normal payroll cycle (ex: hiring paperwork submitted late; hours were not submitted by the department, etc.).

• Requested by: Indicate department name, name of individual requesting check and contact information.

• Signatures: Must be signed by both individual requesting check and requestor’s supervisor before sent to Payroll. (Same individual cannot sign in both, as proxy for supervisor.) One of the signatures must be an expenditure authority for the HR Department.

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